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24 June 2011 - Info Day 'Ocean of Tomorrow 2012' – follow up

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On 16 June 2011, an Info Day on 'The Ocean of Tomorrow 2012' informed potential researchers about upcoming calls for proposals for research in support of the Good Environmental Status (GES) of our Seas and Oceans.

Held in the Charlemagne Conference Centre in Brussels, the event gathered around 120 participants from 17 countries, representing a variety of organisations, including research institutions, consultancies, industrial interests, policy makers and NGOs.

If you wish to present a project idea or join a consortium, you can upload a short flash presentation with your details on our website.
Please contact for details before 2 July 2011.

Please note:

  • Presentations should be directly related to the setting up or joining of a consortium on a specific topic presented during the InfoDay.
  • Presentations focused on advertising one product or service without clearly mentioning its relevance to a specific topic will not be allowed.
  • Please specify in your presentation the topic you are most interested in.
  • Flash presentations should comprise a maximum of five slides, including your contact details.