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An overview of the MAST III programme

The seas and oceans now represent the new frontier of knowledge and human activity; they also play an essential role in the regulation of the climate These two aspects are at the heart of the marine science and technology programme the aim of which is to develop the scientific and technological bases for the sustainable exploitation of marine systems and determine their precise role in global change. Research falls under four main headings, as follows :

  • "MARINE SCIENCE" in order to understand the fundamental processes governing marine systems, including extreme marine environments (deep sea floors, ice-covered seas, etc.) and specific European areas (Baltic, Mediterranean, etc.);
  • "STRATEGIC MARINE RESEARCH" to ensure compatibility between the exploitation and protection of marine resources. Hazards and adverse impacts liable to affect the marine environment will be identified;
  • "MARINE TECHNOLOGY" the aim of which is to develop generic technologies for monitoring, using and protecting the marine environment (oceanographic observation, underwater communication and viewing, analysis of natural substances, development of measurement instruments, remote-controlled vehicles and benthic laboratories for deep-sea and Arctic exploration);
  • "SUPPORTING INITIATIVES" in order to improve coordination and develop European cooperation (training, SMEs, access to advanced experimental facilities, etc.).


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