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On the 28 September 2016 in Brussels, the European Commission and Parliament jointly organised a launch event to kick off the 2016 European Researchers' Night around Europe.

As 2016 is the International Year of Pulses, this edition of the NIGHT event in Brussels presented mainly food related projects from Marie Skłodowska-Curie researchers in order to get people, especially young people, interested and engaged in science and research.

Live experiments, face-to-face chats with current researchers, a trip through the European Union integration, a science slam and a debate, were only some of what was on offer at this event in Brussels that gathered over 3,100 people, including around 1,200 schoolchildren from Belgium.

Check out what was on offer at the event and the videos and pictures of the event!

Tom GheysensQuan Zhi ZhangMaryline CalonneMaría José EstaránKlaus Pellicer AlborchDelphine Franssen

Researchers' stories

Tom Gheysens

"The European Researchers' Night was an outstanding opportunity and experience for me to explain my research to the wider public. This is of vital importance, as MSCA researchers do need to report back to the public and tax payer as they help to develop our projects, but moreover to make us understand why our projects are so important for the EU society. I was very satisfied when I saw a grandma with her granddaughter nodding her head that she understood what I was saying during the presentation."

  • Tom Gheysens

Delphine Franssen

"3 minutes to awaken science within children, to stimulate teenagers to scientific vocations and to raise public and political awareness about our scientific concerns: what a great event!"

  • Delphine Franssen

David O'Connor

"The European Researchers’ Night gave me the opportunity to interact and share my work with such a huge range of people and ages - a unique and wonder-ful experience!"

  • David O'Connor

María José Estarán

"It is our duty as researchers to spread our passion for science. The European Researchers’ Night event is an incomparable open forum to do that and also to share our experiences with colleagues that otherwise we would never have met."

  • María José Estarán

Quan-Zhi Zhang

"The European Researchers' Night has been an wonderful experience for us MSCA researchers, as allowed us to communicate our research results to a broader audience, including citizens, tax payers, and especially the young students, who may be the scientists of tomorrow."

  • Quan-Zhi Zhang

Klaus Pellicer Alborch

"Taking part into the Science is wonder-ful! event in the European researchers' night was incredible, not only from the professional point of view, but also from the personal one. Visitors ranging from 5 years old kids to elder people showed impressive interest for our project, always trying to understand our experiment and even asking interesting questions. It was definitely a challenge for us (researchers) to explain to lay people our purposes and aims. Personally, I think that this type of events should be oftener promoted, since they encourage science-society relationships, which are crucial for both sides in order to spread our actual objectives and to be aware of the societal needs. "

  • Klaus Pellicer Alborch

Maryline Calonne

"My participation to the European Researcher’s night event was a very good occasion to show to youngsters and their parents/teachers that working with science could be fun. Having good communication skills are essential for researchers, I gained valuable experience by interacting with the public. Communication is important for researchers to make people trust in science, and why not, inspire next generation of researchers."

  • Maryline Calonne

Alexandros Iakovidis

"Months of hard work for one night, worth it when you see the ecstatic look on a child's face as they watch an experiment."

  • Alexandros IAKOVIDIS
  • Coordinator, CERTH (Centre for Research and technology Hellas)
  • Greece

Katrien Kolenberg

"The European Researcher’s Night is a wonderful initiative to bring science closer to society. It is equally valuable for pupils/youngsters, teachers/parents, researchers, and policy makers, and offers a unique forum where they all can meet and exchange"

  • Katrien Kolenberg

Isabel Varela-Nieto

"A splendid initiative, a great opportunity to interact with people in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and sharing."

  • Isabel VARELA
  • Biochemistry researcher
  • Spain

Jan Turna

"The power to change public opinion about science and scientists, showing their work in an amazing and accessible way, attracting young people to science careers."

  • Prof. RNDd Jan TURNA CSc
  • Director general, Slovak Centre of scientific and technological information
  • Slovakia

Peter Lewinski

"A unique opportunity to showcase my "Face Reader"( basic and applied research on emotional responses, using our advanced facial coding system), in a relaxed atmosphere with some interesting experiments. See you this year!"

  • Peter LEWINSKI
  • Marie Curie Research Fellow (CONCORT),
    University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam School of Communication Research
  • Netherlands

Roberta Bottarin

"A great opportunity for researchers to present their work and to communicate with the general public. For the public a chance to touch, feel and smell science!

A tremendous team experience during which all have to speak the same language and support each other. And immense joy when a child, after having asked a million questions, says to you "these little animals are my friends now, I had so much fun!"

  • Roberta BOTTERIN
  • Researcher
  • Netherlands

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