Congratulations to our MSCA fellow Arlavinda Rezqita who has been awarded the Austrian Staatspreis Mobilität 2017- Zukunftspreis for her PhD work related to battery technologies for e-vehicles, which are lighter, cheaper and more efficient.

Arlavinda Rezqita, originally from Indonesia, took part in the MSCA - funded project Energy efficiency Management for Vehicles and Machines (FP7 ITN EMVeM ) at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology and obtained her PhD degree from Vienna University of Technology in Vienna, Austria.

This prize honours outstanding dissertations linked to intelligent solutions to the “energy storage of e-vehicles” problem. Dr. Rezqita is a Junior Scientist at the battery research team at AIT Austrian Institute of Technology. During the past 3 years she has developed an improved material for drive batteries for e-vehicles focusing on the 3 fundamental technologies: synthesizing the silicon-based anode materials; increasing the conductivity of the electrode and optimizing the electrolyte.

Thanks to the Zukunftspreis, Arlavinda will have the chance to present her research to an international audience in the Transport Research Arena TRA 2018 in Vienna in April 2018, where Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions will also be present with a pool of excellent fellows.

Photo: © BMVIT / Johannes Zinner