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Take part in the second edition of the MSCA prizes!

On 18 November 2014, the MSCA will organise the second Awards Ceremony of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Prizes, which will take place at the Italian EU Presidency conference Empowering the Next Generation of Researchers in Trento .

This year there will be three categories:

  • Promising Research Talent (open to FP7 ITN fellows)
  • Communicating Science (open to all FP7 fellows)
  • Nurturing Research Talents (open to all FP7 experienced researchers)

The selection criteria are available herepdf(201 kB) for each category:

Who is eligible?

The contest is open for all FP7 MSCA Fellows and alumni. Please note that the Communicating Science prize is open to early stage and experienced researchers, the Promising research talent is open to fellows who have obtained their research results as an early stage researcher (i.e. no PhD or less than 4 years of experience), and the Nurturing Research Talents is open to experienced researchers (hold a PhD degree, or more than 4 years of experience).

How to apply?

More information on how to submit your application is available in the formpdf(164 kB).

Please note that the "Promising Research Talent" category is restricted to ITN fellows or former ITN fellows (i.e. researchers who benefitted from a Marie Curie individual fellowship, like IEF, IOF, or IIF, cannot apply).

About the prize

The prize is symbolic: the award winner will have their travel and accommodation costs for the conference reimbursed and receive a certificate signed by the EU Commissioner for Education.

Indicative timeline

Below is an indicative calendar:

  • Call for applications opens in July 2014;
  • Call for applications closes on 21 September 2014 (midnight Brussels time)
  • Early October 2014: Individual assessment by members of the Jurypdf(94 kB);
  • Late October 2014: Consensus and selection of winners (by conference call), notification of winners.
  • 18 November 2014: Awards ceremony

To register to the Italian Presidency conference visit: (available shortly)

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