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Reviewing the procedures for issuing short-stay visas

The Commission is reviewing the procedures for issuing short-stay visas (less than 3 months) and would like to hear the ideas of the National Contact Points. The idea is to modernise the policy and give an input via the public consultation.

The legislation (Regulation No 810/2009 Visa Codepdf) gives an insight regarding short-stay visas.

Furthermore, the Commission wants to assess whether the legislation has achieved its objectives. Building on this evaluation, the Commission plans to propose amendments to revise the Visa Code and to further develop and modernise the common visa policy.

The aims of this review are to ensure that EU visa policy fosters economic growth and cultural exchange by facilitating the process for legitimate travellers to the EU, like business people, tourists, students, researchers and young people and ensuring a high level of security for the EU.

The public consultation questionnaire is available here Choose translations of the previous link 

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