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Former Marie Curie Fellow commercialises an electronic nose to detect cancer

Hossam Haick, a former Marie Curie Fellow and now ERC grantee, has developed an "electronic nose" to detect cancer by analysing patients ' breath. Knowing that dogs have the capacity to identify some cancer types, he decided to develop an electronic nose (this solution being more hygienic and hospital friendly)…

In 2006, Hossam Haick had the opportunity to carry out this research work thanks to the Marie Curie Excellence Award (€1.73 million). After many years of research he finally developed the "Na-nose" which uses nanotechnology to analyse the 1000 gases contained in patient's breath. This technology is reliable at 95% and can identify sclerosis, Parkinson disease and various cancer types. The Technion Institute, the host institution of Dr Haick in Israel, is going to make a joint venture with Alpha Szenszor to commercialise the product. It is estimated that the product will be finalised within 2-3 years, and should have an affordable final cost of €7.5 euros.

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