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A Marie Curie Fellow treats stroke patients with video games

A Marie Curie Fellow, Dr Debbie Rand came up with an original way for reeducating patients following a stroke. She found out that patients were much more likely to make significant progress during their reeducation if they played video games than traditional reeducation.

According to Dr Rand this is due to the fact that video games require players to move continuously to interact with the virtual game. In her study, not only did the players perform double the number of arm movements during each session compared to patients in traditional therapy, but all of their movements were purposeful or “goal-directed” and not just repetitive exercises. As patients enjoy the video games they are also more likely to continue the treatment over the long term. This alternative to traditional reeducation therapy offers a double advantage: it is cost-effective and fun!

Dr Debbie benefited from a Reintegration grant at Tel Aviv University’s Stanley Steyer School of Health Professions at the Sackler Faculty of Medicine.

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