• Come to the NIGHT!

    Come to the NIGHT!

    The NIGHT is a Europe-wide event taking place in many cities and countries every year on the last Friday of September. If you are keen on learning more about science in an easy and entertaining way, don't miss this opportunity ...

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  • EU2014 Conference

    EU2014 Conference

    EU2014 Conference on the Empowerment of the Next Generation of Researchers “Promoting talents, spreading excellence”. The Italian Presidency recognises the pivotal importance of research and innovation for European competitiveness, employment and social progress ... 

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  • New MSCA publications!

    New MSCA publications!

    A new flyer called "Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions in brief: your next career move!" has been released, providing a general overview of the MSCA 2014-2020. Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian language versions will be made available shortly.

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  • MSCA prizes

    MSCA prizes

    Take part in the second edition of the MSCA prizes! On 18 November 2014, the MSCA will organise the second Awards Ceremony of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Prizes, which will take place at the Italian EU Presidency conference Empowering the Next Generation of Researchers in Trento ...

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  • Science 2.0 consultation

    Science 2.0 consultation

    Take part in the Science 2.0 consultation! ‘Science 2.0’ describes the on-going evolution in the modus operandi of doing research and organising science. These changes in the dynamics of science and research are enabled by digital technologies and driven by the globalisation ...

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  • EU-Russia Forum

    EU-Russia Forum

    EU-Russia Researchers' Mobility Forum will provide a platform for mobile researchers to build on productive and mutually beneficial partnerships supported by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie programme. 25 September 2014 - Renaissance Hotel, Brussels

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Marie Curie-aktioner - Fremmer forskernes karriere

Marie Curie-aktioner er europæiske forskningsstipendier, der er tilgængelige for forskere, uanset alder, køn og nationalitet. Ud over de generøse stipendier får forskerne mulighed for at indsamle erfaring i udlandet og den private sektor samt at supplere deres uddannelse med andre kompetencer eller discipliner, der kan være nyttige for deres fremtidige karrierer. På dette websted kan du finde yderligere oplysninger om disse stipendier, der fremmer kvalitet og innovation i Europa.

LEDIGE JOB i dit hjemlandHVILKE AKTIONER passer til mig?

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Åbne indkaldelser

Participant Portal – check Marie Curie Actions calls & submit your proposal (electronic submission service).
EURAXESS Jobs Portal is a recruitment tool for researchers with constantly updated job vacancies and funding opportunities throughout Europe.
Marie Curie Actions ALUMNI portal - main platform for interaction among Marie Curie Actions fellows.

Direkte adgang til Marie Skłodowska-Curie-aktioner

  • Grunduddannelsesnetværk (ITN)English (en)
  • Internationale modtagelsesstipendier (IIF)English (en)
  • International udvekslingsordning for forskningspersonale (IRSES)English (en)
  • Samfinansiering af regionale, nationale og internationale programmer (COFUND)English (en)
  • European Researchers’ Night (NIGHT)English (en)

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