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European Group on Life Sciences (3rd edition, Dec. 2004) Brochure:English

Workshop report on Future Challenges for Life Sciences Research, Brussels, 28 Sept. 2004:English

Sustainable Agriculture for Developing Countries
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* Brochure Deutsch, English, Français
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Life Sciences Communication in the Media

Stem Cells Research
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Genetic and the future of Europe (Brochure en fr de)


* European Group on Life Sciences *

Over the past decades the life sciences have made tremendous strides, with major potential benefits for human health, the environment, and European industry. The almost complete sequencing of the human genome is an example of this. At the same time, applications of the new knowledge raise ethical and safety concerns among the public and policy-makers that must be addressed.

The European Group on Life Sciences (EGLS) was established in April 2000 for a four years mandate (2000-2004) by the Research Commissioner Philippe Busquin to meet his need for high-level advice on the life sciences and technologies. One of the group's tasks was to inform the Research Commissioner on the current situation in this field and on imminent or foreseeable developments. Another objective was to contribute to the organisation and animation of a Life Sciences Discussion Platform, enabling scientists to engage in a debate with the various 'stakeholders' interested in the beneficial application and dissemination of the new knowledge.

* Until 2001 the Group acted under the name "Life Sciences High-level Group" (LSHLG)

Brochure - European Group on Life Sciences (3rd edition, Dec. 2004, with new text "Conclusions of the EGLS on the future of life sciences research") ( 642 KB)

CORDIS News: Life sciences group concludes term with list of challenges for the future (13 January 2005)]



"Future Challenges for
Life Sciences Research
- Final workshop"

"Modern Biology
and the Visions of Man"
Genoa (Italy)
22-23 March 2004

Discussion platform:
Towards sustainable
Agriculture for
the Developing Countries:

Options from
Life Sciences
and Biotechnologies

Life Sciences
communication in
the media
Press release

Discussion Platform
" Stem Cells
Therapies for the Future?"

Workshop "patenting of Genes"

GMO Round table

Discussion Platform
The Genetics and the
Future of Europe


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