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Young people and science
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A science education initiative for Europe

One of the reasons why young people lose interest in science appears to be the way in which it is taught. Science curricula tend to be packed full of facts that young people are expected to memorise.

More emphasis needs to be placed on context and practical application so that learning science becomes more relevant to the needs and aspirations of both boys and girls.

As part of the Science and Society action plan, the European Commission will establish a pan-European initiative to enhance science teaching in schools. In addition, the involvement of professional scientists should strengthen the link between studying science and taking up a scientific career.

Young fun at Science Week

European Science Week is the EU’s annual festival of science that brings science directly to the people. Although not aimed specifically at young people, the majority of the activities have a distinctly youthful flavour.
Each year, a different set of activities is launched. These have been enormously successful at stimulating the imagination and getting young people involved in practical science and in asking probing questions.
Sci-Tech was one of the events targeted at schoolchildren. It used entertaining ‘webcasts’, modelled on TV game shows, to drive home the importance of fundamental research in the creation of the high-tech gadgets that enrich our daily lives.
Sci-bus used a provocative poster campaign on European city buses to get young people to think about scientific issues.
Catch a Star’s lucky winners star gazed at the fabulous European Southern Observatory in Chile.



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A science education initiative for Europe