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The Entrants

The participants in the EU Contest for Young Scientists are already winners! To enter the contest, participants must have previously won a competition for young scientists at the national level. This high standard sets the EU Contest for Young Scientists apart from similar competitions.

Entries from both individuals and small teams of up to 3 people are allowed, and the students must be aged between 14 and 21.

Most of the entrants are from within Europe, but in recent years the contest has attracted students from as far afield as the US, China, the Republic of Korea and Japan. The budding researchers projects cover all scientific disciplines.

Over the years, winning entries have addressed a wide range of diverse and sometimes quirky topics, including plants self defence systems, cryptography, the aerodynamics of table tennis balls and immunosuppressant drugs, to name just a few.

Yet despite their varied backgrounds, the entrants all share one thing in common: a burning passion for science. In some cases, their curiosity was aroused by a hobby, while others were motivated by a desire to solve a local, regional or even global problem. Yet more students were inspired by a chance observation that triggered an avalanche of questions.


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