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Recycling vehicles
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Future action

Looking forward to 2015

Reaching the target of recycling 95% by weight of all ELVs by 2015 will require a huge effort on the part of car manufacturers and all those involved in the industry. They will need to innovate and to:

  • keep recycling very much in mind at the design stage of new cars;
  • label individual parts so that they can be identified;
  • make the dismantling of car parts simpler;
  • reduce the number of composite materials used;
  • utilise materials that can be recycled.

This will create a completely new industry with ELV processing centres, recycling networks, dismantlers and shredders employing state-of-the-art technology.

Through its Framework Programmes for research and technological development, the European Union will continue to help industry and society find environmentally sound and economically viable solutions to these problems.


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