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Recycling vehicles
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EU targets

2005 - all cars
2005 - new cars
2015 - all cars
2005 - all cars
2005 - new cars
2015 - all cars
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The European Commission first proposed the ELV directive in 1997. It places the responsibility firmly on vehicle manufactures to take back and scrap cars in the future. The EU directive requires that 85% of a vehicle, measured by weight, be capable of recovery and reuse by the end of 2005 (the current figure for recycling is about 75%, which relates to the metal content). The recovery and reuse/recycling targets rise to 95% and 85%, respectively, by 2015, which means the amount of waste being disposed of in landfill would fall from the current figure of about 25% to less than 5%.

For this reason the EU now has several ongoing projects to develop and select the best solution to help increase the amount of car recycling being carried out. These projects are medium to long term as it takes time to come up with the answers before validating and actually implementing them.

European Thematic Network

In anticipation of the ELV directive, a European Thematic Network (ETN) was set up. The 'Eco-efficient network of end-of-life vehicles with emphasis on plastics' was established in 1998 with funding from the EU's Industrial and Materials Technologies programme. Its aim was to act as a forum (with three working groups) and as an information service on the various recovery options across Europe for plastics in end-of-life vehicles.


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The use of plastics in cars is increasing.

The use of plastics
in cars is increasing.

Source: FIAT