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Shape of things to come

The EU has always recognised the strategic role of research, because new knowledge and technology drives economic growth and industrial competitiveness. Nanotechnology is a scientific priority under the Commission’s Sixth Framework Programme (FP6). The new programme covers nanotechnologies, intelligent materials and new production processes, and is included under the new IST programme (as nanoelectronics).

The objectives of such research include:

  • broadening the knowledge-base in Europe;
  • creating an RTD-intensive European industry; and
  • increasing the uptake by industry of state-of-the-art techniques.

Leading the nano-revolution

Long-term interdisciplinary research will cover the whole RTD spectrum, from the development of fundamental knowledge through to the creation of new materials, novel manipulation tools and cutting-edge industrial applications. A strong emphasis is being placed on new intelligent materials and on nanobiotechnology. This powerful combination of materials science and biotechnology will create entirely new processes and industries capable of putting the EU amongst the world leaders in the nanotechnological revolution.



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