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Future strategies

The key actions and generic activities of the EU’s Fifth Framework Programme indicate the principal aims of current research in the European Union and the direction it will take in the near future:

  • Infectious diseases – development of vaccines, new strategies to identify and control disease, and improvement of public healthcare systems;

  • The cell factory – intracellular engineering, finding genes to develop new processes and products, including biomedical developments, and the processing of organic waste or biomass;

  • The ageing population and disabilities – investigation of age-related illnesses, cellular and molecular mechanisms of ageing, demographic and epidemiological statistics, and better public services for the elderly;

  • Food nutrition and health – better product quality, tests to detect contaminants, and the role of food in maintaining good health;

  • Environment and health – research into diseases and allergies linked to the environment, new diagnostic tools, risk assessment and prevention of harmful environmental health effects; and

  • Generic activities for understanding the basic mechanisms of disease, namely: chronic and degenerative diseases, genomes and diseases of genetic origin, neurosciences, and public health in general.


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New medicine