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Opportunities for all stages of your career

There are strictly NO age limits to Marie Curie Actions, which are designed to cater for researchers at every stage of their career. Whether you are a student taking your first steps up the research career ladder, a scientist keen to establish and manage your own research team for the first time, or are simply looking to bolster your career prospects with a spell in another country or sector, there is a Marie Curie scheme for you.

Open to all nationalities…

Marie Curie Actions are not just open to EU citizens – any researcher, from anywhere in the world, can apply for a grant to come and carry out research in Europe. In addition to this, EU citizens can use Marie Curie Actions to work outside Europe.

… and all disciplines

The Marie Curie Actions will fund research in any discipline, from archaeology to zoology, and anything in between.*

Distribution by discipline

The budget is divided in proportion to the number of proposals received in each discipline, therefore the more proposals received in a discipline the higher its budget share.

* NB – researchers working on nuclear fission and fusion have their own scheme which does not fall under the Marie Curie Actions.

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