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With Marie Curie Actions, the world truly is your oyster. Put simply, with a Marie Curie grant you can go anywhere in the world, giving you the opportunity to learn from the best and brightest in your field and discover how research is conducted in other countries.

Expanding horizons

Obviously, working abroad provides Marie Curie Fellows with a wealth of personal experiences to go with the professional experience gained in the lab. Living abroad gives you the chance to get to know new cultures and see how things are done in other parts of the world. Friendships are created which last a lifetime, and it is these friendships which often form the foundations of the scientific networks of the future.

What’s more, these benefits are not restricted to the Marie Curie Fellow; the host institution also benefits, as local researchers are usually as keen to learn from the visitor as the visitor is to learn from them.

Homecoming help

As well as helping European researchers take up positions outside the EU, Marie Curie Actions also offer a helping hand when they want to return to Europe. Furthermore, scientists working inside the EU can also receive funding to return to their own country.

‘Being at Banach gave me the time and space to develop my research. The interaction with other students and established experts from all over the world was very stimulating and made me aware of what is going on in the international research community in my own and related fields.’

Gavin Band (UK),
Marie Curie Fellow at the Banach Centre,
Institute of Mathematics at the Polish Academy of Sciences,
Warsaw, Poland

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