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Marie Curie Actions – promoting passionate people!

Are you an ambitious researcher looking to expand your horizons and work with the best in your field, wherever in the world they might be? Or do you want to move to a different sector and acquire new skills and learn new ways of working? Or maybe you’re from outside the EU and want to come to Europe to pursue your career here?

Whatever your dream, if you’re passionate about research and bursting with creative ideas for new projects in the natural sciences, social sciences, economics or humanities, then the EU’s Marie Curie Actions are for you!

Since 1996, the Marie Curie Actions have helped thousands of researchers of all ages, nationalities and disciplines develop their careers and realise their research dreams – no other scheme in the world offers such a wide variety of opportunities to such a broad range of researchers. By doing this, the Marie Curie Actions also promote the transfer of knowledge and skills across national and sectoral borders, and crucially, advance excellence in research and innovation across Europe.

A competitive salary, with benefits

One of the main attractions of the Marie Curie scheme is the competitive salary, which puts a research career on a level playing field with other occupations. However, a Marie Curie grant also covers much more. It takes care of your employer’s costs such as social security payments, for example. It will even help out with costs incurred while developing your career, such as attending language or management courses or even buying a new suit for that important job interview!


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