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ITER at Cadarache

The ITER reactor will be built at the nominated European site at Cadarache in southern France. The Cadarache site is already a large scale energy research centre for the French Atomic Energy Commission. The headquarters for the European contribution to the ITER project will be situated in Barcelona, Spain.

ITER was always designed so that it could be built on the territory of any of the participating countries. The reactor’s final design defined a list of criteria that any site for ITER would require. After much discussion, the Cadarache site was chosen from a short-list of four possible sites around the world. The construction site covers a total surface area of about 40 hectares with another 30 hectares available temporarily for use during the construction. Key requirements for the ITER site included thermal cooling capacity of around 450 MW and an electrical power supply of up to 120 MW.

Construction is ready to start and, if all goes to plan, the first ITER plasma will light up in 2016.

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