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What is Europe doing?

Specific progress

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Specific progressEurope is pluralist. Its citizens live in different environments and climates, have specific socio-cultural habits - especially when it comes to diet - and represent a varied genetic patrimony. This diversity is of major benefits to researchers who are able to work on large-scale epidemiological studies, compare the state of health of very different populations and study the developement of diseases - thereby improving their prevention and treatment.
The European dimension of research, which allows it to acquire the essential "critical mass", is based on the creation of networks linking laboratories, exchanges of experience and the comparison of clinical practices. This approch, which is found in many projects backed in the EU, is adopted in the fight against the main causes of mortality (cancer, cardio-vascular disease), genetics and recent deseases (AIDS, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease) and the developpement of new vaccines and medecines. It is also applied to questions of public health and ethics (prevention, quality of services, industrial medecine, palliative care, etc.) which are of interest to Europe as a whole.

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