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Waste solutions

A common European view on the best technical option for waste disposal has developed over recent years: deep geological repositories. Research undertaken through Euratom has shown the viability and safety of this approach. Continuing research is looking at implementing and demonstrating the engineering and associated technologies involved.

In addition, studies on processes to separate the most long-lived and hazardous waste and transform it into less harmful material are being undertaken. These “partitioning and transmutation? (P&T) technologies could significantly reduce the time radioactive waste must be isolated before it is harmless.

The social sciences are also an important focus of research: For example, how society can become more effectively engaged in decision-making processes related to controversial projects such as radioactive waste disposal.

Source: SKB, Sweden

Going underground

The technology and engineering to construct and operate deep geological repositories is being developed in the ESDRED project. Research includes underground activities such as waste canister transportation, sealing and backfilling. Key phenomena of the repository and underground environment are studied in the NF-PRO and FUNMIG projects.

Understanding the science of actinide elements is essential to all aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle. The ACTINET-6 Network of Excellence ensures that European facilities and expertise are maintained and enhanced.

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