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Communicable diseases
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EU Networking

The European Clinical Trials Platform

To further accelerate new drugs and vaccines through the development pipeline, the EC is creating a European Clinical Trials Platform. Established jointly by a “core consortium” of research bodies from Member States, the Platform will support “a common programme of research activities concerning clinical trials of both preventive and therapeutic interventions for HIV/AIDS, malaria and TB”. In order to provide a service for and add value and coherence to national trials activities, it will pursue three main functions:

  • supporting the networking and pooling of national trial activities, through services such as information sharing, joint trial planning and design, development of standardised trial protocols, harmonising data management and analysis, and advice on ethical issues;

  • helping to strengthen trial infrastructures in developing countries, with an emphasis on training and capacity building; and

  • sponsoring its own trials, notably by attracting external funds.

It is envisaged that the core consortium will be established by mid-2002, and that the European Union would contribute towards financing the Platform through its New Framework Programme for Research (2002-2006).