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Communicable diseases
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Access to affordable drugs and care

Effective cures exist for TB and malaria and, in industrialised countries, new treatments are prolonging the lives of AIDS patients and reducing opportunistic infections. Some simple preventive measures can have a tremendous impact. In the context of malaria prevention for instance, an estimated 600 000 child deaths could be prevented each year through the use of insecticide-treated bed-nets!

Unfortunately, many people in developing countries do not have access to information and prevention, screening and counselling, or adequate treatment and follow-up. This is why one of the European Commission’s major goals is to make drugs and heath services both accessible and affordable to developing countries.

Fighting funds

In the long term, new solutions are essential: effective vaccines against all three diseases, a cure for AIDS, new drugs to meet the challenge of drug resistance, safe and environmentally friendly insecticides or other means of vector control.
In the fight against AIDS, TB and malaria, the EU is now funding:

  • basic research projects aimed at better understanding the mechanisms of transmission, infection, disease, and immunity. These will provide a basis for identifying potential drug targets and devising vaccination and vector control strategies;
  • vaccine development projects involving some 14 candidates;
  • drug development projects, focusing on the treatment of children; and
  • projects devoted to mosquito control and evaluation of long-term use of bed-nets.
Communicable Diseases