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Communicable diseases
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Facts and figures

High-risk areas

In 2000, AIDS killed an estimated 3 million people, including 500 000 children. Hardest hit is Africa, where HIV kills over 2 million people each year and where AIDS has created 11.2 million orphans. In parts of Southern Africa, infant mortality has increased by 25% and life expectancy has fallen from 64 to 47 years over a period of just three years.

TB kills 2 million people each year, with 95% of deaths occurring in developing countries, although the disease is increasing worldwide. In several African countries incidence has quadrupled over the past decade. New outbreaks have occurred in Eastern Europe after 40 years of decline. Women are less likely to be diagnosed and treated.

Malaria kills at least 1 million people each year and infects
500 million. 90% of cases occur in Africa, and 40% of the world population is at risk. The disease is re-emerging in places where it was previously under control or even eradicated. The major impact is on women (especially when pregnant) and children.

Economic impact

For a poor family, chronic and debilitating illness can tip the balance from meagre savings to heavy debt. A malaria-stricken family in the developing world may spend over 25% of its income on treatment. AIDS, TB, and malaria trap households in a cycle of poverty and disease.

AIDS and TB mainly hit the economically active population: workers are unable to do their jobs, agricultural and industrial output is adversely affected, and children must work instead of attending school. When more than 8% of adults are infected with AIDS, as is the case in several countries of sub-Saharan Africa, the per capita income may be reduced by as much as 0.5% per year.

Impact of HIV/AIDS on urban households,
Ivory Coast

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