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The search for new HIV/AIDS drug treatments

While HIV/AIDS treatment has dramatically improved during the last ten years, current therapeutic options are still limited. Current treatments do not eradicate the virus. They are expensive, complicated and not available everywhere. Many treatments have side effects and induce viral resistance.

Consequently, there is a continuing need for new and better anti-HIV drugs. These can take the form of novel chemical compounds that attack known or new viral targets in the HIV replication cycle, or that interfere with cellular co-factors required for HIV replication.

TRIoH –Targeting Replication and Integration of HIV

The EU-funded TRIoH project brings together European researchers working on novel molecules that target viral replication and/or integration. The consortium gathers academic and industrial partners, including small and medium-sized enterprises, all linked by a central scientific strategy, aimed at blocking the molecular pathway from HIV viral entry and early replication to HIV integration.

The TRIoH project is following a multidisciplinary approach, combining basic science, biotechnology and innovative chemistry. It represents a major new lead in the study of HIV replication and integration, with the ultimate aim of developing new and better HIV/AIDS treatments.

Cohort studies: improving existing treatments

Scientists from more than 100 of the best clinical research groups in Europe have joined forces to evaluate the best treatment options for HIV-infected children, pregnant women, and other adults, and to prevent mother-to-child transmission of the virus.

Through a number of projects, researchers are testing combinations of new and existing drugs in order to optimise HIV/AIDS therapy. They are also investigating how to overcome the ever-growing threat posed by the emergence of resistance to anti-HIV drugs.



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