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A single European sky

Air traffic management

The insufficient integration of air traffic control systems in Europe means ongoing delays and cancellations for passengers as well as an increased risk of accidents.


Aircraft in the Future Air Traffic Management System The More Autonomous Aircraft in the Future Air Traffic Management System
The AFAS project is investigating combined innovative technologies as well as regulatory, safety and service standards in European Air Traffic Management. Meanwhile, the MA-AFAS project is exploring the concept of a greater level of autonomy for the individual aircraft, getting more Air Traffic Control functionality out of the control tower and into the plane.

ACARE and the future of European aeronautics

The Vision 2020 report has called on Europe to take a leading role in aeronautics, emphasising the importance of a highly coordinated research effort. The Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe (ACARE) will submit a Strategic Research Agenda to guide industry, the Member States and the EU in the planning of aeronautics research programmes. ‘ACARE is the first real step towards a European Research Area in aeronautics,Y said Research Commissioner Philippe Busquin. ‘The idea is to get everyone working together, developing the technologies that will answer the needs of our citizens and making Europe a world leader in aeronautics.Y



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A single European sky