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Research Networking

State-of-the-art Internet-based applications, coupled with massive improvements in transmission capacity, will reinforce links between Europe's national research, education and training networks.


The Internet was once the preserve of academics, and the academic and industrial world remains a significant driver of advanced networking technologies. By developing trans-European broadband interconnections between national research, education and training networks, the IST programme will both encourage the development of the next generation of these technologies and improve Europe's ability to pool its human, scientific and industrial resources. A second objective is to support the provision of experimental interconnection of testbeds for the integration of leading-edge, collaborative activities from all key actions in the programme.

European Testbeds

The most advanced Information Society research facilities across Europe will also be linked together, creating a powerful resource for research into the most advanced technologies.

These facilities are where Europe's top academic and industrial scientists develop and demonstrate the fruits of their research, so the interconnections themselves will be a series of advanced experiments.
The result will be much more than a series of interesting exercises in hooking up advanced research labs, however. Linked together, these facilities will provide a practical basis for collaborative research efforts into areas as diverse as photonic networks, service configuration protocols or mobile broadband services.
More importantly, it will create the infrastructure Europe needs to test highly advanced, high bandwidth applications and services, such as remote high-volume data visualisation, meta-computing or networked immersive virtual reality. It will also enable Europe to play a leading role in defining, standardising and validating the next generations of network protocols and other emerging broadband services.

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