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Image Information Society Technologies

Key Action 4

Essential Technologies and Infrastructures

The Information Society is based around a set of core technologies, systems and infrastructures.

This key action focuses on these building blocks, promoting their development and introduction across Europe as well as broadening their field of application. It addresses the convergence of information processing, communications and networking technologies and infrastructures. It will therefore focus on technologies and infrastructures which are common to several applications.

Image Peripherals, sub-systems and microsystems Image

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  • Subsystems
  • Microsystems
  • Subsystems and microsystems - Take-up measures
content capture, storage and manipulation, advanced mass storage methods, optical-microelectronic interconnects, electro-optical circuit boards...

Image Work spanning key action IV Image
  • Design of networked embedded systems
  • Multiservice networks - middleware for seamless access to services
  • Development of skills in micro- and opto-electronics

Image Interfaces making use of the various senses Image
  • Advanced displays and sensors
  • Interfaces and buffers for seamless end to end services
image and auditory scene processing, understanding and synthesis, augmented and virtual reality, low-cost and low-power interfaces, new flexible materials...

Image Computing, communications
and networks

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  • Real time distributed systems
  • Network and services interoperability, interworking and management
  • Terabit optical networks
  • Computing, communications and networks - Take-up measures
sharing and interactive use of remote resources, concurrent activities in geographically dispersed locations, real-time handling of large volumes of data, embedded systems, terabit optical transmission, end-to-end optical transparency, all-optical networks, service-independent architectures and systems, intelligent network services, service management models...
Image Microelectronics - optoelectronics Image

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  • Microelectronics design and test & application specific microelectronics
  • Microelectronics technologies: processes, equipment and devices
  • Optical and opto-electronic technologies
  • Industrial microelectronics technologies - Take-up measures

packaging and interconnect technology, hostile environment resistance, macrocells and support tools, new optical sources, optoelectronic integrated circuits, active and passive optical components, optical devices at new wavelengths, optoelectronic devices based on organic compounds...

Image Real-time and large-scale simulation and visualisation technologies Image

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  • Simulation and visualisation
  • Mixed realities and new imaging frontiers

visualisation and virtual reality, simulation validation, integrating simulation into industrial and business processes, interoperability of heterogeneous software and hardware, autonomous agents, avatars...

Image Technologies and engineering for software, systems and services Image

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  • Software architecture
  • Functionality models and building blocks for end-user services
  • Free software development: towards critical mass
dependable, survivable and scaleable systems, integrating heterogeneous platforms and networks, knowledge-based methods and tools...

Image Mobile and personal communications and systems, including satellite systems and services Image
  • Re-configurable radio systems and networks
  • Terrestrial wireless systems and networks
  • Satellite systems and services
new spectrum frontiers, maximising spectral efficiency and network performance, full coverage through multi-layer, multi-dimension cell architectures, software-reconfigurable networks, systems and terminals, miniaturised, low-cost, low-power terminals ...
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