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USA Initiative

In October 2009 SFIC agreed to develop an initiative amongst industrialised countries with the USA as a pilot. Information on bilateral S&T cooperation was collected from all partners via a questionnaire. Based on this survey SFIC identified four issues in which a joint EU/ MS initiative would create added value:

  • Mutual opening of programmes and intensifying programmatic cooperation as a key objective. This is particularly relevant in energy research in which the EU/ US Energy Council identified this as a priority. It is closely linked to the Innovation Union flagship initiative's commitment 31 to contribute to the establishment of a level playing field with third countries.
  • Raising the attractiveness of Europe's research landscape in the USA and achieving more balanced transatlantic mobility and knowledge flows is an interest of common concern of Member States and the EU where a joint approach will raise visibility and competitiveness of Europe's research.
  • Establishing a transatlantic space of open innovation is closely linked to the two issues above meaning barrier-free mutual access to knowledge, to support schemes for start-up firms and entrepreneurs, to venture capital, to high tech clusters and incubators on both sides.
  • Developing strategic intelligence: The US is both, a partner of cooperation and a competitor in the global contest for talents and ideas; analysis of the US ST&I profile and of US cooperation patterns with global partners (like China) will improve the EU's activities vis à vis third countries.


Related Events

6-7 December 2012
San Francisco event under the Destination Europe Initiative.

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23-24 April 2012
Ways of successful science, technology and innovation cooperation between Europe and the USA

Symposium jointly organised by SFIC and the BILAT-USA project. The symposium looked at ways to improve the framework of cooperation in R&I for European and US partners, in particular how to overcome the legal and administrative impediments. It built on the results of the BILAT USA survey carried out amongst coordinators and US participants in FP7 projects and SFIC members experiences at national level. Best practice approaches in solving legal obstacles and improving collaboration between European and US partners were identified.


20 January 2012
Destination Europe: Your Research & Innovation Opportunities

This conference was organised to raise awareness of the attractiveness of Europe as a destination for researchers and innovators, no matter where they come from in the world. It took place in Cambridge Massachusetts, and was organized by the European Commission in consultation with EU Member States, the Strategic Forum for International Cooperation and the European Research Council.

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12 December 2011
Science and Technology Landscape in a Changing World - Enhancing US Collaboration with the EU and its Member States

Under the auspices of the Polish EU Presidency, the European Commission, the EU Delegation in Washington D.C. and the U.S. based science counsellors of the EU Member States organised a conference with American partners (AAAS, U.S. National Academies) on future transatlantic cooperation in science & technology.


18-19 October 2011
From common challenges to joint responses - adding a new dimension to EU/ Member States cooperation with the USA, in science, technology and innovation

Held in >Brussels and hosted by Germany, to identify common European priorities which have the potential to leverage EU-USA cooperation. Based on the SET plan and existing Joint Programming Initiatives, areas in energy, ageing and health have been identified for future collaboration. Innovation and mobility were seen as important horizontal issues where joint efforts can achieve progress immediately.