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Destination Europe: Events

'Destination Europe' Conference

6-7 December 2012
San Francisco, California
Venue: The Renaissance, Stanford Court Hotel, 905 California Street - Nob Hill

'Destination Europe' events showcase the vibrant and exciting research and innovation culture in Europe and the opportunities available to researchers, from anywhere in the world, interested in working in Europe.

It is a joint initiative of the European Union and its Member States.

At the San Francisco event:

  • Experts from European research organisations, funding agencies and European Commission services presented programmes, initiatives, excellent institutions and opportunities to develop innovation and technology transfer;
  • Researchers who have had the experience of moving to Europe temporarily or permanently and shared their experience;
  • Information about the practicalities of moving to Europe (scientific visa, mobility centers, etc.) was provided;
  • An exhibition space with stands provided additional information.


Plenary MC, EIT, ERC
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