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Policy framework

India-EU and Member States Partnership for a Strategic Roadmap in Research and Innovation



Opening Plenary Session

Anneli Pauli (PDF icon 59 KB), Deputy Director-General for Research, European Commission


Plenary Session: Setting the scene

Céline Hervé-Bazin (PDF icon 1.1 MB), Liaison officer for the Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform (WssTP)
• Tom Vereijken, Chairman of the European Water Partnership
Enrique Playan Jubillar (PDF icon 598 KB), Coordinator of the “Water Challenges for a Changing World” Joint Programming Initiative
Andrea Tilche (PDF icon 186 KB), European Commission, Directorate General for Research
• Sanjay Bajpai, India Department Science and Technology


Concurrent Sessions

A1 – Supply of drinkable water
            Ulla Chowdhury, Predect AB, Sweden
            Arunabha Majumder (PDF icon 926 KB), Jadavpur University, India

A2 – Water related diseases
            Manfred Höfle (PDF icon 1.0 MB), Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, Germany
            Samiran Mahapatra, Hindustan Lever Mumbai, India
            K. Vijaya Lakshmi, Development Alternatives Delhi, India

A3 – Water and living conditions
            Marie-Hélène Zerah (PDF icon 2.8 MB), Research Centre for Social Sciences in Delhi,
            M.S. Mohan Kumar, Indian Institute of Science, India
            Martina Scheer (PDF icon 675 KB), Coordinator Indo-German Water Network, Germany
            Hannele Lahtinen (PDF icon 245 KB), Academy of Finland

B1 – Water supply/resource management
            Carlos Póvoa (PDF icon 388 KB), Aguas de Portugal Serviços Ambientais SA, Portugal
            Alejandro Fernández Sastre/Marta Erika Tietz Laranjinha (PDF icon 853 KB),
            Spanish Water and Irrigation Manufacturers Association, Spain

B2 – Water and climate change
            Jon Ove Hagen (PDF icon 2.1 MB), University of Oslo, Norway
            Kapil Gupta, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Bombay, India

B3 – Water and agriculture
            Jérôme Perrin and Ahmed Shakeel (PDF icon 2.0 MB), Indo-French Centre for
            Groundwater Research, IFCGR, France
            Damiá Barceló Culleres (PDF icon 4.1 MB), Catalan Institute for Water Research, Spain
            T.B.S. Rajput (PDF icon 12.2 MB), Water Technology Centre, India
            Chiara Tonelli, University of Milan, Italy
            Ősten Ekengren (PDF icon 1.0 MB), Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Sweden

C1 – Partnering Initiative and agricultural production
            Christine Bunthof (PDF icon 3.6 MB), Eranet – Plant Genomics, Netherlands
            Neeta Sharma (PDF icon 3.0 MB), National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and
            Sustainable Economic Development, Italy
            Karin Metzlaff (PDF icon 533 KB), European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO), Belgium
            H.E. Shashidharan, University of Agricultural Science, Bangalore
            K. Vijayaraghavan, Sathguru Management Consultants

C2 – Partnering Initiative and bio-masses/bio-wastes
            Ludo Diels, Flemish Institute for Technology Research - ETP Suschem,
            Belgium and Johan Sanders, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
             - Presentation (PDF icon 1.9 MB)
            Johan Elvnert (PDF icon 1.6 MB), ETP Forest-based sector
            Rakesh Tuli, National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute, India
            Alok Adholeya, The Energy and Research Institute, India
            P.K. Goswani, North East Institute of Science & Technology, India

C3 – Partnering Initiative and bio-energy
            Stefan Dahlgren (PDF icon 336 KB), SWECO AB, Sweden
            Arvind Lali (PDF icon 1.1 MB), Institute of Chemical Technology Matunga, Mumbai, India
            Shrikumar Suryanarayan, Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises of India
            (ABLE), India
            Piero Venturi (PDF icon 3.2 MB), European Commission, Directorate-General for

D1 – Fostering the Europe-India innovation nexus
            Peter Schintlmeister (PDF icon 402 KB), Mead Market Initiative Bio-based products,

D2 – Multilateral EU-India research and innovation initiatives
            Aurélie Pachkoff (PDF icon 558 KB), NEW INDIGO, CNRS, France
            A.R. Upadhya (PDF icon 465 KB), NAL Bangalore, India
            Amaresh Chakrabarti, IISc (Innovation Knowledge Portal), India
            Jaana Roos (PDF icon 1017 KB), Academy of Finland
            Kerstin Krüger, Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR)
            - ERA-NET Scheme 'SPLASH', Germany

D3 – Bilateral institutional entities and schemes
            Narayana Sathyamurthy, India National Science Academy
            Véronique Briquet-Laugier, French Embassy in India
            Pushpito Ghosh (PDF icon 829 KB), Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute
            - CSMCRI, India
            Felix Kahle (PDF icon 1.1 MB), Max Planck Society, Germany
            Harri Ojansuu (PDF icon 1.4 MB), Tekes – The Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, Finland
            Ola M. Johannessen (PDF icon 8.1 MB), The Nansen Environmental Research Centre (NERSC), Norway


Reports from the concurrent sessions to the plenary

Sessions A1-A2-A3 – Focal Theme: quality and Health challenges 
            José Menaia (PDF icon 154 KB), Head of the Water and Wastewater Engineering
            Laboratory of the Urban Water Division of the National Civil Engineering Laboratory
            (LNEC – Lisbon, Portugal)

Sessions B1-B2-B3 – Focal Theme: Water supply, re-use and environment
            Chiara Tonelli (PDF icon 25 KB), University of Milan, Plants European Technology

Sessions C1-C2-C3 – Focal Theme:  Biomasses/biowastes/bioenergy - EU-India Partnering Initiative
            Piero Venturi (PDF icon 79 KB), Policy Officer, European Commission, Directorate
            General for Research

Sessions D1-D2-D3 – Focal Theme: India-EU/MS collaboration initiatives and frameworks
            Report (PDF icon 21 KB)
            Sigi Gruber, Head of Unit, European Commission, Directorate-General for Research & Sadhana Relia, Adviser, India Department of Science and Technology, International Cooperation Division


Concluding plenary session

• A.K. Ganju, Member (Design and Research), Central Water Commission (India)
Jacqueline Cramer (PDF icon 8 KB), Former Minister of Housing, Spatial Planning and the
   Environment (The Netherlands)
Ana Neves (PDF icon 43 KB), Head International Affairs, Knowledge Society Agency, Ministry    of Science, Technology and Higher Education (Portugal)
Are Straume (PDF icon 48 KB), Head of Section, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (Denmark)


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