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Science counsellor in Brazil

Photo of the Science Counselor Piero VENTURI
Science Counsellor in Brazil and Latin America

The relationship in research and innovation between the EU and its Member States and Latin America has grown over the last years. The European Union already has formal Science and Technology Cooperation Agreements with Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico.

The region is rich in culture and biodiversity and is looking forward to cooperating with the EU in the fields of Science, Technology and Innovation in order to achieve sustainable development, promote social inclusion, and face global challenges. The main areas for cooperation with the EU in Latin America are: Biodiversity/Climate change, Bioeconomy, Energy, and Health.

The new research and Innovation Programme, Horizon 2020, is seen as a great opportunity to strengthen cooperation and achieve these goals.

The high level of Brazilian participation in FP7, one of the highest among non-EU countries, illustrates how the countries of the region are taking advantage of these opportunities. Brazil is now restructuring its financing mechanisms and launching programmes, such as the mobility programme Science without Borders, in order to foster international cooperation.

The EU Delegation and the Member States have implemented various promotional activities including the "Tour of Brazil". The Tour consists of events promoting the opportunities which the EU and its Members States offer in Science, Technology and Innovation cooperation. The events have attracted strong interest from Brazilian researchers, government and private sectors.

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