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Understanding climate change in the Mediterranean

Chiba Dam - TunisiaThe Mediterranean and neighbouring countries are a climate change hotspot, the climate research community believes. Projections suggest water availability is highly likely to fall, while demand will rise. The EU-funded CLIWASEC project cluster studied climate change impacts on water and security, and helped prepare Europe and its neighbours for the challenges ahead with guidance on water efficiency and stakeholder involvement. [Read more]

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The European Union has concluded several Scientific and Technical Cooperation (S&T ) agreements with a number of individual countries, from all over the globe. These agreements are based on common interests and priorities, aiming to increase cooperation in research and innovation.

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International Research Newsletter
issue 63, January 2016

  • Tunisia joins Horizon 2020
  • News on the Euratom Work Programme
  • From cell biology to geophysics: ERC on the US coast
  • EU-Africa cooperation - The latest developments in Science, Technology and Innovation
  • A First Call launched for the EU-China Research and Innovation co-funding mechanism
    and much more...

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