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Science Counsellors

Science counsellors in the USA

EU Science Counselor in USA Dr James Gavigan
Minister-Counsellor, Research & Innovation
EU Science Counselor in USA, China Errol Levy
Research and Innovation Counsellor

The relationship in research and innovation between the EU and its Member States, and the United States, is the deepest and most vibrant in the world.

With a budget of nearly €80 billion (over US$100 billion) during 2014-2020, the EU Horizon 2020 Programme provides huge opportunities to further develop these links, in pursuit of growth, jobs and meeting global challenges.

While Horizon 2020 is fully open to international participation by all nations, the US features highly in our international cooperation strategy. Cooperation occurs in all areas of science, technology and innovation, with agreed priorities in marine and Arctic, transport, health and materials research. Other strong areas of collaboration are found in information and communications technologies (ICT), nanotechnologies, food, agriculture, fisheries and biotechnologies.

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What's New

International Research Update
issue 48, September 2014

  • Western Balkan countries and Moldova sign up to Horizon 2020
  • Responsible Research and Innovation needs to go global
  • Evaluation of EU-JAPAN Joint ICT call and talks to join forces in 5G telephony
  • Seminar on Japan’s Space Policy
  • 3rd Annual Meeting of the Global Research Council in Beijing

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