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Home-grown rubber to keep tyres turning

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EU-funded research has shown that natural rubber from home-grown dandelions and guayule could be used for tyres. Researchers and industry are now working together to scale up production - paving the way for Europe to reduce its dependence on rubber imports and to boost competitiveness. [Read more]

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Countries and Regions

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The European Union has concluded several Scientific and Technical Cooperation (S&T ) agreements with a number of individual countries, from all over the globe. These agreements are based on common interests and priorities, aiming to increase cooperation in research and innovation.

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What's New

International Research Newsletter
issue 58, July 2015

  • Advancing EU-Cabo Verde cooperation in Research and Innovation
  • 5th Joint S&T Cooperation Committee in Seoul
  • The Journey towards a Common Research for the EU, Latin America and the Carribean
  • 8th meeting of the EU-Morocco JSTCC
  • and much more…

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