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Putting health risk on a map

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Asthmatics already know that certain weather conditions can leave them short of breath. If sufferers of this and other diseases had access to an alert system warning of environmental conditions that could put them at risk, lives might be saved. The EO2HEAVEN project has done the groundwork for such a system. It is already in use to some extent in Germany, South Africa and Uganda. [Read more]

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Countries and Regions

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The European Union has concluded several Scientific and Technical Cooperation (S&T ) agreements with a number of individual countries, from all over the globe. These agreements are based on common interests and priorities, aiming to increase cooperation in research and innovation.

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International Research Newsletter
issue 58, July 2015

  • Advancing EU-Cabo Verde cooperation in Research and Innovation
  • 5th Joint S&T Cooperation Committee in Seoul
  • The Journey towards a Common Research for the EU, Latin America and the Carribean
  • 8th meeting of the EU-Morocco JSTCC
  • and much more…

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