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30 November 2012 Meeting with the Diplomatic Corps to discuss the new international cooperation strategy - 27 November 2012

On 27 November 2012, the new strategy for international cooperation in research and innovation was presented to and discussed with representatives from the Brussels based diplomatic community. Commissioner Geoghegan-Quinn in her speech presented the strategy which was adopted on 14 September 2012.

Further information here

27 November 2012 Meeting of EU-CELAC Research Funding Agencies concludes to support the Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation

The meeting of research funding agencies of European, Latin American and Caribbean countries was successfully concluded today endorsing a Joint Statement about supporting the implementation and further development of the EU-CELAC Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation. The Joint Statement was also endorsed by several research performing bodies and the European University Association attending as observers.

22 November 2012 EU-China Research and Innovation Collaboration Week
Beijing, 12-16 November 2012

A series of events and high-level meetings on science & technology and innovation took place in Beijing during the week of 12-16 November 2012 within the framework of the EU-China S&T Agreement.

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Chinese Vice-Minister for Science and Technology, M. Cao Jianlin, and DG RTD Deputy Director-General, Rudolf Strohmeier
7 November 2012 12th Australia – European Union (EU) Joint Science and Technology Cooperation Committee Meeting, Brussels, 16 October 2012
In a year celebrating 50 years of diplomatic relations between Australia and the EU, and with negotiations proceeding towards a new treaty-level Australia-EU Strategic Framework Agreement, the 12th Australia-EU Joint Science and Technology Cooperation Committee (JSTCC) meeting was hosted by the European Commission in Brussels on 16 October 2012.
5 October 2012 EUCARINET/ENLACE Thematic Workshop: "Towards a Caribbean and Central American Knowledge Based Bio-Economy: Refining R&D themes"
EUCARINET and ENLACE are two international cooperation platforms aiming at strengthening the cooperation on Research and Innovation respectively between EU, Central America and Caribbean Regions. The two projects are organizing a follow up event of the expert dialogue workshop held in April 2012 in Curaçao, where three BioEconomy R&D pathways were identified to be further studied for the Caribbean and Central America:
  1. Sustainable management of marine biodiversity;
  2. Food Chain efficiencies;
  3. Eco-intensification and Eco-services.

The next workshop, that will be held in Brussels on October 17 and 18, will pursue the following objectives:
  • To provide specific Caribbean (CAR) and specific Central American (CA) inputs into the Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation (JIRI) dialogue and implementation planning, in particular to the BE Working Group.
  • To contribute to the establishment of R&I and policy agendas and project profiles for the development of a CAR and a CA BE economy.

The meeting will be attended by representatives of the DG Research and Innovation, the DG Development and Cooperation, representatives from several Embassies of the Caribbean and Central America Regions, and of course scientific experts coming from EU member States, CAR and CA.
5 October 2012 Enhancing Scientific Cooperation between the EU and Central America
ENLACE is a FP7 international cooperation network (INCO-NET) which supports the dialogue between the EU and Central America in order to enhance their collaboration on Research and Innovation. The project is currently organising the follow-up event of the ICT experts' dialogue that was held in Guatemala, May 28-31. The event will take place in Brussels on the afternoon of October 18, as a contribution to the EU-LAC SOM initiative, to support the dialogue on this area of mutual interest. For further information:
24 September 2012 EU and China agree to enhance their cooperation on Innovation
A joint declaration on European Union - China High level Innovation Cooperation Dialogue has been signed at the occasion of the 15th EU-China Summit.

Picture of the signature of the Joint Declaration by EC Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science, Maire Geoghegan Quinn and China Minister of Science and Technology, Mr Wan Gang :

Further information here.
14 September 2012 Communication adopted: 'Enhancing and focusing EU international cooperation in research and innovation: a strategic approach'
The Commission adopted a Communication entitled 'Enhancing and focusing EU international cooperation in research and innovation: a strategic approach' (COM(2012) 497). The Communication sets out a new strategy for international cooperation in research and innovation, in particular with a view to implementing Horizon 2020. The Communication is accompanied by a Staff Working Document providing further background information and analysis. Further information is available here.
31 July 2012 New publication: "Projects in support of international research and innovation cooperation"
This booklet presents all coordination and support action projects of international cooperation which have been supported under the FP7 'Capacities' programme, organised by country and regional chapters. Download the publication.
16-17 July 2012 Virtual InfoDays for Latin America to share first-hand information about collaborative opportunities with Latin America and the Caribbean in the 2013 work programmes of FP7. These are the last and biggest work programmes in FP7 and are already designed to facilitate the transition towards Horizon 2020. As part of the EU-LAC Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation two videoconferences were convened in cooperation with RedCLARA connecting dozens of universities and FP7 contacts across Latin America to get fresh information about topics and conditions for participation of particular interest to LAC countries.
13 July 2012 Partnership Symposium on "EU-ASEAN Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation"
The main objectives of this symposium are to:
  • Promote bi-regional cooperation between the EU and ASEAN by highlighting good pratices of mutual benefit;
  • Facilitate an exchange of ideas and information on national and programmes;
  • Discuss global societal issues with ASEAN and EU stakeholders with a view to identifying priorities for future EU-ASEAN STI cooperation.
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11 July 2012 Information Meeting on the new FP7 Calls for Proposals
Directorate General for Research and Innovation organised on 11 July 2012 an Information Meeting about the new calls for proposals under the 2013 Work Programme of the Activities of International Cooperation.
1 June 2012 EU Member States and India deepen science and business links
Ministers for science and research from the European Union and India agreed during talks in Brussels to draw up a strategic agenda in the area of research and innovation and to support it through the creation of a group of senior officials. The aim is to adopt the agenda in the first half of 2013. Read more
8 May 2012 The Indo-European Research and Innovation Partnership, 31 May-1 June in Brussels

Following the Joint Declaration signed at the last EU-India Summit in February 2012, the European Commission DG Research and Innovation, the EU Member States Strategic Forum for International S&T Cooperation (SFIC) and the Indian Department of Science & Technology are pleased to announce that the Indo-European Research and Innovation Partnership Conference will take place on 31st May and 1st June 2012 in Brussels (Belgium).

For more information about the conference please click HERE.

12 April 2012 FP7 Expert Advisory Group on International Cooperation
The Advisory Group provides a written input to the Commission on an annual basis to be used in the preparation of the annual work programme. The 2011 Contribution to the definition of the International Cooperation Activities of the Capacities Programme can be found here.
2 April 2012 Eucarinet 2012 Travel Grant Scheme

The aim of the Travel Grant Scheme is to promote exchange between Caribbean and European researchers as well as to encourage contacts between research institutions to explore possibilities for joint participation in FP7.
The Travel Grant consists of two components: 1) The participation of Caribbean researchers at 2012 info-days and brokerage events in Europe in: Health, ICT, Knowledge-Based Bio-Economy, Energy, Environment (including Climate change); 2) Visits to specific research centers/institutions with existing contacts or acquaintance with the grantee. The 2012 call is open from 2 April 2012 to 20 July 2012 with different deadlines according to the themes of the events selected by the applicants.

26 March 2012 'International cooperation with MPC - FP7 project synopses'
This publication has been prepared on the occasion of the "Euro-Mediterranean Conference for Research and Innovation: An agenda for a renewed partnership" organised by the European Commission, Directorate General for Research and Innovation, in Barcelona on 2 and 3 April 2012. It includes all the projects with participation of at least one partner from the Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPCs) which have been supported under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). The projects are organised in eleven thematic chapters which include collaborative research, networking, competence building, infrastructure and mobility projects. A short description and a list of all participating organisations and contact persons are provided for each project. Download the publication
26 March 2012 'Investing in European success: Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation in Research and Innovation'
This brochure showcases a selection of success stories from various EU-funded S&T projects real results. The brochure is launched on the occasion of the "Euro-Mediterranean Conference on Research and Innovation: An agenda for a renewed partnership" in Barcelona on 2 and 3 April 2012. The conference set out a path for Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation in Research and Innovation, based on closer cooperation on research and innovation policy. Download the publication
20-21 March 2012 The European Union-Latin American and Caribbean countries (EU-LAC) Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) took place 21-22 March 2012 in Concepción, Chile. It was co-chaired by María-Teresa Ramírez Pandolfi, Director for International Relations of CONICYT Chile and Isi Saragossi, Director for International Cooperation of DG Research and Innovation of the European Commission, and forms part of the implementation of the Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation (the 'Joint Initiative'). Four thematic working groups were joined by new members and agreed on next implementation steps. A meeting of senior officials of funding agencies of both regions will be convened to facilitate alignement of programmes at national, regional and bi-regional levels. The co-chairs of the Joint Initiative, Chile and the EU, will report back about progress to the forthcoming Summit, scheduled for 26-27 January 2013 in Santiago de Chile. Read more
20 March 2012 A science and technology cooperation agreement was signed between the European Union and Algeria in the occasion of Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Füle's visit to the country. It was his third visit to the country and took place in the context of intensifying bilateral and bi-regional relations. Read more
20 March 2012 The second Joint Committee meeting with Jordan took place in Brussels on 20 March. The meeting was carried out jointly with the ENP Sub-Committee Meeting on Research and Innovation. The meeting was co-chaired by Dr. Leonidas Karapiperis, Advisor Relations with International Organisations at the European Commission, DG Research and Innovation and Dr. Khaled El-Shuraydeh, Secretary General of the Higher Council for Science and Technology in Jordan. Representatives from EEAS, DG EAC and DG INFSO attended on the EU side. The parties reviewed policy advances on both sides and agreed on a number of concrete steps to increase cooperation. Read more
13 March 2012 Project ENLACE (Enhancing Scientific Cooperation between the European Union and Central America) - Travel Grant Scheme
The aim of the ENLACE travel grant scheme is to promote exchange between Central American and European researchers as well as to encourage contacts between research institutions for joint participation in the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). The grant scheme works as a mechanism to facilitate networking or even joint proposal writing. The third call is now open from the 9th of March to the 10th of May 2012.
It supports researchers from the EU Member States and the Central American countries to meet their counterparts from the other region for a joint preparation of a project proposal / cooperation in one of the upcoming FP7 calls (July 2012) of the Cooperation Programme or of the People Programme. Researchers may stay up to 30 days in Central America or the EU for the joint preparation of a project proposal. In order to maximize the benefits of the researchers' stay in the EU or Central America, it is envisaged that the grantees visit additional research institutions of their thematic interest (but within one of the thematic FP7 areas). For more information and to download the necessary documents please visit the project website.
1-9 March 2012 Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science, Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, visits Singapore, Australia and New Zealand
16 February 2012 PACE-Net Key Stakeholder Conference, Brussels, 20–23 March 2012: Strengthening Pacific-European Collaboration in Research, Development, and Innovation
The PACE-Net Project and the Ministry of Sciences and Economic Affairs - Saxony - Anhalt organise the PACE-Net Key Stakeholder Conference in Brussels, 20-23.03.2012.
The event's topic is: Climate Change: in relation to Water, Agriculture/Forestry, Natural Hazards, Fisheries, and Mid-Term Research, Development & Innovation Policies in the Pacific. The interactive conference will include: 1) Presentations of funding opportunities for the Pacific with networking possibilities, 2) Thematic workshops on the climate change topics and the research development & innovation policies in the Pacific, 3) High level policy dialogue to discuss the priority research, innovation, and development issues from the workshops in view of the interaction between the S&T Community, EC directorates, the EU-external action services, EIB, and further funding organizations.
13 February 2011 The conference 'Destination Europe: Your Research and Innovation Opportunities' took place on 20 January 2012 in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA). The conference was organised by the European Commission and the European Research Council, in consultation with EU Member States and the Strategic Forum for International Cooperation (SFIC). This high-level Conference has promoted Europe's vibrant and attractive science, technology and innovation culture; the excellent funding opportunities Europe provides for career development and the challenging positions in world-class environments offered by European industry and research organisations.
Destination Europe page
10 February 2012 The Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF) is Europe's largest general science meeting and is held in a leading Europe city every two years. ESOF 2012 will be hosted in Dublin, Ireland on 11-15 July, 2012. ESOF is an interdisciplinary, pan-European meeting, which showcases the latest advances in science and technology; promotes a dialogue on the role of science and technology in society and public policy; and stimulates and provokes public interest, excitement and debate about science and technology.
10 February 2012 The European Commission and the Indian Government have today signed a Joint Declaration on Research and Innovation Cooperation. Declaration provides an opportunity to step up relations between Europe and India towards an "Indo-European Research and Innovation Partnership". The Declaration was signed at the EU-India Summit in New Delhi by the Commissioner for Trade Karel de Gucht and by Mr. Ashwani Kumar, Minister of State for Science & Technology. At today's Summit between India and Europe in Dehli, EU President Barroso, European Council President Van Rompuy, the Indian Prime Minister, Singh and the Indian Minister of State for Science and Technology, Kumar, all recognised the progress made in EU-India cooperation in research and innovation.
As Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, the European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science, said: "This joint declaration will boost an Indo-European alliance for research and innovation. We have great potential to make our joint research efforts more effective, in order to promote the innovation needed to tackle societal challenges we all face, such as food security and climate change. Research and innovation are also proven investments in growth and jobs in this difficult period for the global economy."
Click here to read the declaration. Click here for the News Alert.
8 February 2012 Conference on "Research and Innovation: An agenda for a renewed partnership". The recent developments on both sides of the Mediterranean Sea have created a new context and momentum for developing a new phase of cooperation and establishing a more strategic partnership in research and innovation. This conference will take place on 2 and 3 April 2012 in the World Trade Centre in Barcelona and will be opened by the EU Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science, Mrs. Máire Geoghegan-Quinn and other senior policy-makers from EU Member States and Southern Mediterranean countries. Read more
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