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13 December 2010 Presentations available: India-EU and Member States Partnership for a Strategic Roadmap in Research and Innovation (11-12 November 2010)
The conference was organised jointly by the European Commission (DG Research and DG Enterprise and Industry) and Member States of the European Union and the the Indian Ministry for Science and Technology.
More information including programme, presentations, etc
5 November 2010 The new ACCESS4EU publication is now available.
This brochure gives an overview of the ACCESS4EU projects, which are funded under the FP7 Capacities programme. This unique instrument aims at increasing European researchers' awareness of funding opportunities for international research projects in third countries. More specifically, the ACCESS4EU projects should help give access to national research and innovation programmes in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, South Korea and United States of America.
29 September 2010 Presentations available: InfoDay about Cooperation Opportunities (29 September 2010) with Latin America and the Caribbean (EU-LAC) in the 2011 work programmes of FP7
These opportunities are part of the European contribution to the EU-LAC Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation, endorsed by the Summit of Heads of State and Government in May 2010 in Madrid and which focused on Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development and Social Inclusion. While all of FP7 is open to international cooperation, several parts of the Cooperation Programme contain topics of particular interest to Latin American and Caribbean countries. These are often the result of bi-regional dialogue or priority setting. In addition, there are topics related to global challenges.
More information including presentations, photos etc
28 September 2010 Brochure. The ENLACE project - the INCO-NET for Central America - and EUCARINET - the INCO-NET for the Caribbean - both coordinated by APRE recently released abrochure targeting the FP7 2011 Call opening opportunities for Latin American and Caribbean organisations. If you are interested in participating in FP7 and cooperating with Central America, you can find more information in the ENLACE project website; for cooperating with the Caribbean, you can find more information in the EUCARINET project website
22 July 2010 Cooperation with Latin America and the Caribbean receives special attention in the 2011 work programmes of FP7 to make a specific contribution to the EU-LAC Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation endorsed by the EU-LAC Summit in May 2010 in Madrid. This adds to the creation of an EU-LAC Knowledge Area on the political agenda since the Guadalajara Summit in 2004, which receives new momentum from the launch of the Joint Initiative. While all of FP7 is open to international cooperation, a number of topics specifically invite or require Latin American and Caribbean participation in three 2011 topics and several videoconferences and an infoDay are scheduled to enable strong participation.
20 July 2010 The work programmes for 2011 of the Specific FP7 Programmes have been formally adopted by the Commission on 19 July and published on 20 July 2010 in line with the request of Research and Innovation Commissioner Máire Geoghegan-Quinn. This way research teams in Europe and their international partners have more time to prepare strong proposals in time for the submission deadlines - the earliest ones already before end 2010. The entire FP7 is open to international participation. Such cooperation is particularly welcome as many societal problems investigated by research have international, even global, dimensions. International Cooperation Partner Countries (ICPC - developing countries and emerging economies) can receive co-funding, while industrialised countries pay their own way in most cases.
22 June 2010 Publication. Results from the "ALCUE-Health" research are available for download: Health systems research RESCATE conducted in the post-conflict context of Central America with support of the INCO-DC programme provided evidence of the potential of the Primary Health Care strategy to change the determinants of health. The gap between research, policy and practice was recently closed in El Salvador, where the newly elected Ministry of Health adopted a new health policy approach based on the results of the research. This book examines lessons learned through the RESCATE project in El Salvador and in other countries in Latin America. It is the product of an international seminar within the framework of ALCUEH.
03 June 2010 Agreement. Today the EU signed an S&T cooperation agreement with the Faroes associating them to FP7. Pending its later conclusion, the Agreement is provisionally applicable from 1 January 2010. This implies that already from the beginning of 2010, Faroese researchers can benefit from the association enjoying the same rights and obligations as researchers from EU Member States and other associated countries. The agreement with the Faroes brings the number of countries associated to FP7 to 13.
02 June 2010 Report. The Strategic Forum for International S&T Cooperation (SFIC) has adopted its first annual report on 28 April 2010. The report describes the progress made towards realising the objectives of the European Partnership between the Commission and the Member States. The Competitiveness Council of 26 May 2010 acknowledged SFIC's work and invited Member States and the Commission to build upon initiatives proposed by SFIC when developing a European strategy for international S&T cooperation.
31 May 2010 Conference. The 1st INCO Conference "Supporting Research Integration" will be held in Athens, on 9-10 of June 2010. The conference is expected to host for the first time all the National Contact Points (NCPs) for International Cooperation from Europe and Third countries. More than 100 of experts working in the field of International research co-operation from all over the world are expected to participate.
20 May 2010 Meeting The 3rd ASEAN - EC Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) on Science and Technology (1st formalised "Dialogue Meeting") was held on 20 May 2010 in Vientiane, Lao PDR. It was preceded by the bi-annual meetings of ASEAN thematic sub-committees where officials participated to present FP7 and discuss common areas/topics of mutual interest. Participants noted that there are already several on-going joint research projects supported under FP7 that address the priority areas of ASEAN and contribute to implement the ASEAN - EC S&T Dialogue, mainly in the fields of agriculture/biotechnologies, health, ICT and environment (including climate change) and discussed upcoming opportunities for cooperation.
20 May 2010 The EU-LAC Summit of Heads of State and Government and several sub-regional and bilateral summits held between the 17 and 19 May 2010 in Madrid have drawn to a successful closure. One of the highlights of the Summit was the adoption of the EU-LAC Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation which was included in the Summit Declaration and Action Plan upon the recommendation of the EU-LAC Ministerial Forum on Science and Technology, convened in Madrid on 14 May 2010.
18 May 2010 The CAAST-Net 3rd Annual Assembly took place very successfully in Durban between 16 and 18 May, 2010. It was co-organised by the Africa Unit at the Association of Commonwealth Universities, South Africa's Department of Science and Technology and Research Africa. The partners of this EU-Africa INCO-NET discussed developments in the policy framework for cooperation, progress with implementing priority cooperation and how to engage more strongly with other networks and programmes relevant for mutually beneficial S&T relations, including foresight. The meeting attracted a wide range of high-level stakeholders thanks to its steady work over the last years.
16 May 2010 The fifth summit between Mexico and the European Union in Comillas, Cantabria, Spain, agreed on a Strategic Partnership between Mexico and the EU in order to strengthen coordination on matters of global importance and further intensify their political, economic and cooperation link. Both sides recognised the significant progress achieved in scientific and technological cooperation and expressed their interest in broadening and stepping up cooperation in areas of mutual interest, such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, information technology, health, energy and environment. The Action Plan also institutionalises the Mesoamerica/EU dialogue on science and technology promoting triangular S&T cooperation monitored by triateral annual reviews with S&T ministers of all sides.
14 May 2010 The EU-LAC Ministerial Forum on Science and Technology, Madrid, adopted today the proposal for an EU-LAC Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation, put forward by the Senior Officials Meeting in Buenos Aires, 25-26 February 2010. The Initiative is intended to help make progress on the road to the EU-LAC Knowledge Area. It entails priorities for boosting bi-regional S&T cooperation and making high-level dialogue a permanent feature of the relationship. It is expected to strengthen cooperation and monitoring of implementation. The Ministerial Forum also offered the opportunity for the official launch of ALICE2 project, which will enable the consolidation and extension of RedCLARA, the advanced network e-infrastructure strengthening interconnections within Latin America and linking Latin America to the European GEANT network.
14 May 2010 The European Commission's Research DG and the Departamento Administrativo de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación COLCIENCIAS of Colombia, in the margin of the EU-LAC Ministerial Forum on Science and Technology in Madrid, signed a Joint Declaration to set up a structured S&T cooperation dialogue with a view to stimulate S&T cooperation.
11 May 2010 Towards the EU-LAC Knowledge Area. Climate change, demographic transitions, expectations for better health and greener and more inclusive economies are among the drivers for more scientific and technological cooperation and innovation. The Guadalajara Summit in 2004 therefore placed the development of an EU-Latin America-Caribbean Knowledge Area on the political agenda of bi-regional relations. In 2010, this concept gains fresh momentum through the endorsement of a new Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation. A new publication traces the development of cooperation and illustrates the link between policy and action through a sample of concrete research collaborations, mostly from the 6th and 7th Research Framework Programmes. They represent a sizeable innovation potential for sustainable development and social inclusion, the focus of the 2010 EU-LAC Summit in Madrid.
10 May 2010 ENLACE – Travel Grant Scheme: first call now open! The first call for applicants for the Travel Grant Scheme of the ENLACE project – Enhancing Scientific Cooperation between the European Union and Central America- has been opened on the 25th of April 2010 and will be closed on the 10th of June 2010.
07 May 2010 FOGGARA research collaboration. Foggaras are traditional underground channels collecting water for urban and agricultural use in semi-arid and arid regions. With changing living conditions, some of these century-old practices have been abandoned, but not all 'modern' approaches have worked effectively and sustainably. The international FOGGARA research collaboration in the Mediterranean (INCO-MED) restored this cultural heritage by mobilising the latest science together with traditional knowledge. The research results were so convincing that the Adrar Region in Algeria (Willaya d'Adrar) has invested 400 million Algerian Dinars or € 4.000.000 to restore 80 drainage tunnels using the methodology developed by the researchers. This is several times the public investment into the research project. Project partners were: IPOGEA, Italy, scientific coordination; UNIVERSITAT DE VALÈNCIA, Spain, overall coordination; Université Moulay Ismail, Morocco; Ecole polytechnique d'Architecture et d'Urbanisme, Algeria; SUD TIMMI sarl, Algeria; Institut des Régions Arides, Tunisia.
22 April 2010 Website has been launched. This webportal is designed to be the main gateway for supporting international science and technological cooperation between the EU and the Gulf countries. As the main dissemination platform of the S&T cooperation network recently set-up between both regions (INCONET-GCC), this website will provide regular updates on relevant events, publications, analytical studies, as well as training and support material to promote and facilitate research cooperation between the Gulf countries and the EU Member States and countries associated to FP7.
22 March 2010 Visit. From March 22, 2010 to March 26, 2010 a delegation of representatives from public administration, business and research of each of the MERCOSUR countries (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) visited Brussels. The visit was organised in the framework of the Platform BIOTECSUR to understand the functioning and organisation of European centres of excellence in R & D, business incubators and European technology platforms. The delegation also wanted to learn more about how the European Research Framework Programme supports international cooperation. Two BIOTECSUR projects already participate in the first round of twinning between European and Argentinean agriculture research projects.
25-26 February, Buenos Aires EU-LAC Senior Officials Meeting. The European Union-Latin America and Caribbean (EU-LAC) Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) in Science and Technology was part of the official EU-LAC Summit preparation agenda.
12 February 2010 Agreement. The European Commission and ASEAN COST (Committee of Science and Technology) agreed to formalize their policy dialogue launched in 2008 through the signature of terms of reference that have entered into force beginning of this year. The terms of reference constitute the new framework for the future Senior officials' dialogue meetings on Science and Technology (ASEAN COST-EC SOM Dialogue Meeting). The next SOM Dialogue Meeting will take place next 17-21 May in Lao PDR, under the Chairmanship of Singapore.


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