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16-17 July 2012
Virtual InfoDays for Latin America

An opportunity to share first-hand information about collaborative opportunities with Latin America and the Caribbean in the 2013 work programmes of FP7. These are the last and biggest work programmes in FP7 and are already designed to facilitate the transition towards Horizon 2020. As part of the EU-LAC Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation two videoconferences were convened in cooperation with RedCLARA connecting dozens of universities and FP7 contacts across Latin America to get fresh information about topics and conditions for participation of particular interest to LAC countries.


23 March 2012
The European Union-Latin American and Caribbean countries (EU-LAC) Senior Officials Meeting (SOM)

The meeting took place 21-22 March 2012 in Concepción, Chile. It was co-chaired by María-Teresa Ramírez Pandolfi, Director for International Relations of CONICYT Chile and Isi Saragossi, Director for International Cooperation of DG Research and Innovation of the European Commission, and forms part of the implementation of the Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation (the 'Joint Initiative'). Four thematic working groups were joined by new members and agreed on next implementation steps. A meeting of senior officials of funding agencies of both regions will be convened to facilitate alignement of programmes at national, regional and bi-regional levels. The co-chairs of the Joint Initiative, Chile and the EU, will report back about progress to the forthcoming Summit, scheduled for 26-27 January 2013 in Santiago de Chile.
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20 and 25 July 2011
Video-conferences with Latin American countries on new collaborative opportunities in the 2012 work programmes of FP7

Following the publication of the adoption of the 2012 work programmes of FP7 by the Commission on 19 July 2011, two video conferences were convened to share the information of greatest direct relevance to bi-regional cooperation with Latin American teams. RedCLARA, the regional ICT infrastructure project connecting LA research nodes to the GEANT network in Europe and co-funded by regional development funds and Latin American countries, provided the technical backbone. Almost 100 points were connected across Latin America.


9 June 2011
EU-LAC Senior Officials Working Group meeting on "ICT for Meeting Societal Challenges"

The meeting under the Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation took place in Santiago de Chile. The working group is co-led by senior officials from Finland and Chile respectively. Representatives from Colombia, Chile, Finland, France, Peru and Spain attended, while those from Mexico, Nicaragua and Uruguay were unable to. Experts from several of these countries and from Argentina and Brazil contributed to the debate fed also by the results of the preceding project workshop. The working group is the follow-up of the Senior Officials meeting end March 2011 in Brussels where a series of activities were agreed to instill momentum into the Joint Initiative.


7-8 June 2011
A workshop on "Information and Communication Technologies for Innovation"

The workshop was convened in Santiago de Chile through a collaboration of three FP7 projects: CHIEP II (Support to the bilateral S&T Cooperation Agreement between the EU and Chile), FORESTA (promotes policy dialogue for ICT research cooperation between Europe and Latin America) and EULARINET (INCONet for LA). The large group of experts and representatives from both regions discussed successful case studies and explored avenues for future cooperation.
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30 March 2011
Senior Officials meeting

Officials from 12 European and 20 Latin American and Caribbean countries, the European Commission and the European External Action Service (EEAS) met 28-29 March in Brussels for the first meeting in this configuration under the EU-LAC Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation. Endorsed by the Madrid Summit, the Joint Initiative aims at developing the "EU-LAC Knowledge Area" through: i) improving cooperation in research and innovation; ii) strengthening scientific and technological capacities, and infrastructures; iii) to enable sustainable research, innovation and knowledge sharing taking into account the contribution of ancestral and traditional knowledge; iv) to boost the use of new technologies and technology transfer underpinning sustainable socio-economic development and v) to foster cooperation between both regions as regards the digital economy and the reduction of the digital divide for improving competitiveness while making social inclusion a cross-cutting issue. The senior officials agreed on the establishment of three thematic working groups on the Bioeconomy including food security; Biodiversity and climate change; and ICTs for meeting societal challenges. There was, in addition, a commitment to explore a potential fourth group on energy. A cross-cutting working group on funding and successful collaborative mechanisms was also established.
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22 March 2011
ENLACE – Travel Grant Scheme

The call second of the ENLACE INCO-NET (Enhancing Scientific Cooperation between the European Union and Central America) is now open!

The second call of the ENLACE travel grant scheme is now open from 21 March to 1 May 2011. The focus of the second call is to support researchers from Central American countries to participate in an international conference or brokerage event in Europe and visit European research centers / institutions.

The aim of the ENLACE travel grant scheme is to promote exchange between Central American and European researchers as well as to encourage contacts between research institutions for joint participation in the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). The grant scheme works as a mechanism to facilitate networking or even joint proposal writing.
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21 February 2011
ENLACE – EUCARINET: Workshop "Thematic priority setting for EU, Caribbean & Central America in research and innovation"

7-8 March 2011 – Santo Domingo – Dominican Republic – Universidad Ibero-americana

The Workshop "Thematic priority setting for EU, Caribbean & Central America in research and innovation" will be held in Santo Domingo on 7-8 of March 2011.

The workshop is organized by the ENLACE (Enhancing Scientific Cooperation between the European Union and Central America) and EUCARINET (Fostering EU-Caribbean Research and Innovation Networks) projects, and will contribute to the enhancement of the bi-regional and triangular cooperation in Central America, the Caribbean (CAC) and in the EU.

The thematic areas covered:

  • Health
  • KBBE (Knowledge-Based Bio-Economy)
  • Environment
The aim of the Workshop is to bring together EC representatives high level experts from Central America, the Caribbean and EU.


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