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The European Union has concluded bi-lateral S&T agreements with a number of individual countries. These agreements constitute a framework and a privileged forum to identify common interests, priorities, policy dialogue, and the necessary tools for S&T collaboration.


Table of agreements  PDF icon 236 KB - (Last update: June 2016)
Horizon 2020 Association Agreements  PDF icon 92 KB - (Last update: September 2016)


Flag Country S&T Agreement Roadmap S&T Review
Flag of Algeria Algeria

Agreement  PDF icon 878 KB



Flag of Argentina Argentina (Argentine Republic)

Agreement  PDF icon 140 KB
Extension 2011

2011/12  PDF icon 215 KB

Review: 2007-2011  PDF icon 6.4 MB

Flag of Australia Australia

Agreement  PDF icon 459 KB
+ Amendment  PDF icon 548 KB

2010-2012  PDF icon 137 KB


Flag of Brazil Brazil, Federative Republic of


2014  PDF icon  

Review: 2007-2011  PDF icon 2.0 MB

Flag of Canad Canada

Agreement + Amendment

2014  PDF icon  
2009 (draft)  PDF icon 200 KB


Flag of Chile Chile, Republic of

Agreement EN  PDF icon 149 KB
Acuerdo ES  PDF icon 153 KB

2010/11  PDF icon 226 KB

Review: 2007-2011  PDF icon 1.5 MB

Flag of China China, People's Republic of

Agreement  PDF icon 110 KB

2014  PDF icon  

2004  PDF icon 448 KB
2008  PDF icon 2.3 MB

Flag of Egypt Egypt, Arab Republic of


2007/8  PDF icon


Flag of India India, Republic of

Agreement  PDF icon 951 KB

2014  PDF icon  

Review: 2007-2011  PDF icon 648 KB

Flag of Japan Japan

Agreement  PDF icon 760 KB

2014  PDF icon  


Flag of Jordan Jordan, Hashemite Kingdom of

Agreement  PDF icon 923 KB



Flag of Korea Korea, Republic of

Agreement  PDF icon 69 KB

2014  PDF icon  
2011/13  PDF icon 252 KB

2013  PDF icon 1.1 MB

Flag of Mexico Mexico (United Mexican States)




Flag of Morocco Morocco, Kingdom of

Agreement  PDF icon 1.5 MB



Flag of New Zealand New Zealand

Agreement  PDF icon 796 KB

2014/16  PDF icon 460 KB


Flag of Russia Russia (Russian Federation)

Agreement  PDF icon 513 KB + Renewal  PDF icon 137 KB

2014  PDF icon  
2011-2013  PDF icon 214 KB


Flag of South Africa South Africa, Republic of

Agreement  PDF icon 758 KB

2014  PDF icon  

2014  PDF icon 1.2 MB

Flag of Tunisia Tunisia (Tunisian Republic)


2010-11  PDF icon 75 KB


Flag of Ukraine Ukraine

Renewal (2013)

2011-13  PDF icon 207 KB


Flag of the USA United States of America

Renewal (2004)
Renewal (2009)

2014  PDF icon   , 2009  PDF icon 308 KB

2013  PDF icon 1.2 MB
2009  PDF icon 1.8 MB