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ACCESS4EU projects aim to increase awareness among researchers in the EU Member States and Associated Countries of opportunities in research and/or innovation programmes managed by Third Countries with an S&T agreement.  ACCESS4EU projects will identify projects open to EU researchers and promote their participation, thus enhancing the reciprocity aspect of the S&T agreements.

An increase in the number of effective collaborations of European research organisations in such research programmes as well as in the improvement in mutual understanding of respective research systems in Europe and Third Countries is expected.

A key element of the ACCESS4EU common dissemination strategy is the common web portal which serves as the unique access point to all eleven ACCESS4EU projects.
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Country Acronym Title

Description  PDF icon 158 KB
Supporting EU access to Australian research programmes

Description  PDF icon 192 KB
Supporting EU Access to Brazilian National Research Programmes

Description  PDF icon 185 KB
Supporting EU Access to Canadian Research and Innovation Programmes
China China ACCESS4EU

Description  PDF icon 139 KB
Supporting the EU access to Chinese research and innovation programmes
India IndiaGate

Description  PDF icon 202 KB
Increasing the dialogue between India and Europe by improving EU awareness and access to Indian Research and Innovation Technology Programmes

Description  PDF icon 194 KB
Promoting High-Quality Research Opportunities for European Researchers in Mexico
New Zealand ACCESS4EU:NZ

Description  PDF icon 205 KB
Opportunities for access of European Researchers to the New Zealand Research System

Description  PDF icon 223 KB
Strengthening EU-Russia Sciences and Technology cooperation and EU access to Russian National Funding Programmes
South Africa Saccess

Description  PDF icon 189 KB
Supporting the EU access to South Africa's research and innovation programmes
South Korea KORRIDOR

Description  PDF icon 163 KB
Stimulating and facilitating the participation of European researchers in Korean R&D programmes
United States of America Link2US

Description  PDF icon 188 KB
European Union – United States Research Cooperation Network: Link to the United States