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EU SCience Counselor in Beijing, China

Dr. Philippe Vialatte
Science Counselor in China

In December 2013, the European Commission published the new Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Calls for proposals worth more than €15 billion are now open with deadlines in 2014 and 2015.

Horizon 2020 is fully open to international participation in all fields and areas. Chinese researchers, enterprises and institutions will be able to team up with their European partners to participate in projects and make best use of Europe's excellent opportunities in research and innovation. In addition, a number of specific calls are targeting cooperation with China, notably in the areas of Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology, Energy, Water, Information and Communications Technologies, Nanotechnology, Space and Polar research.

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What's New

International Research Update
issue 47, July 2014

  • Israeli Association to Horizon 2020 signed during President Barroso's visit to Israel
  • Focus on China:
    • Steering Committee meeting of the bilateral Euratom-China R&D
    • EU-China Joint S&T Steering Committee
    • EU-China Task Force meeting on Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology

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