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International Cooperation



International Cooperation
Innovation in Europe: Research and Results

A series of "success stories" in the field of "International Cooperation - Central and Eastern European Countries" is available as PDF-files.

Download separate articles by selecting these from the list below or download the entire set as a ZIP-file (2.3 Mb). This file contains not only the 17 separate PDF-files but also an introduction (intro-inco-EE.pdf) as well as the index (index-inco-EE.pdf) with active links to each of the individual stories.

Please note that to open and read any of these files you need to use the free Acrobat Reader.

Introduction: Opening up to Central and Eastern European countries

CEE industry: facing the challenge of the west

Geographical Information Systems for Europe

Microelectronics in East and West

Black Sea Blues

White paper goes green

Cross-Border Pollution Control

Surveying the Brain Drain from Eastern Europe

What goes up, must not come down

Communications for Waterways

Spotting DNA Damage Earlier

Reliable, low-cost power generation

Transplanting information technology to Central Europe

Breaking down language barriers

Building an information system for Eastern Europe

Clean, Reliable Electricity for Remote Villages

Controlling Swine Fever

Forest Futures

----To view PDF-files use the free Acrobat Reader.


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