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European Prize for Innovation in Public Administration

The contest is open to public administrations. These can be any state, regional or local authority established under national law as a public body and executing government policy, for example: ministries, regional governments, municipalities, city councils etc.

We seek out innovative initiatives in an early stage of their implementation which deliver significant improvements in three categories:

Citizens rely on their public administration for support and effective service delivery with a maximum of efficiency. Innovation can bring us closer to this goal.

Are you a city council that has massively reduced traffic jams by harnessing the power of Big Data and thereby liberating drivers and reducing emissions? Are you a regional public authority that has vastly reduced the response time to citizen requests by adopting the latest, most innovative tools available?

Firms interact in many ways with the public administration, from regulation to collaboration. Innovation in the public administration should foster innovation in the private sector.

Are you the administration of a town that has effectively worked with local suppliers to install solar panels on the roofs of public buildings even in times of austerity? Are you a local administration that has enabled start-ups to come together and grow together through an innovative cluster initiative?

Research and education prepare us for the future. Public administrations can become more future-bound themselves when acting as catalysts and effective supporters.

Are you a regional government that has brought eager learners back to school to prepare them for future jobs in an innovative way? Are you a university town that has made it extremely easy for researchers to start their own companies and bring the fruits of their hard work to the market?

If you think you are a dynamic, forward-looking public administration, then we would like to hear from you and your initiative and give you the support you need to bring your innovation to the next level!

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