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European Prize for Innovation in Public Administration - FAQ

  1. I represent the (name) public administration. Are we eligible to apply for the prize?
    For the purposes of this prize a public administration is any state, regional or local authority established under national law as a public body and executing government policy. A 'public body' according to the definition of the FP7 Rules for Participation means "any legal entity established as such by national law". "Established" in turns means either incorporated as a public body in a formal legal act, or governed by public law.

  2. I work for a hospital / state company / public enterprise/ university / court / public research organisation/research funding agency. Can our organisation apply?
    While your organization may be a legal entity established as such by national law, it does not have the functions of a public administration executing government policy and will therefore not be considered. Moreover, the case of public-sector or public interest bodies which do execute public governmental tasks but are nonetheless established as, and operate in the form of 'companies', 'enterprises', etc., does not fit the definition of a 'public administration'.

  3. What documents of proof should I upload?
    It is mandatory that you upload documents that give evidence that you meet the eligibility criteria 1,2 and 3 (established public administration; time scale; ownership). Furthermore, you should upload documents of proof for the originality, economic and the social relevance of the initiative (e.g. budget tables, external audits, press releases, user feed-back surveys, economic impact evaluations, ex-ante impact assessments, any honours and recognition received).

  4. Our initiative has been successfully running for one year from 2010 until 2011. It was re-launched in 2012 again. Can we apply?
    Break periods in between the activity of your initiative do not disqualify you if you can prove that the initiative is still on-going, has been running for at least one year and was initially launched less than four years prior to the day of submission of your application.

  5. Our innovative programme was launched and has been running since 2003. Are we still eligible?
    Only initiatives that have been running for less than 4 years by the time the application is submitted are eligible.

  6. The initiative we have launched 3 years ago has already received a regional award from my country. Does this disqualify us?
    No, it does not. The eligibility criterion refers only to prizes of a monetary nature which were received from EU Institutions. Please follow the link below for a list of all EU Institutions.

  7. We are a national government department that has designed a general strategy to promote regional innovation which was later successfully launched and implemented by a municipality in our country. Who should apply for the prize, us or the municipality?
    Depending on the degree of "ownership" of the initiative (idea, design, planning, launch, administration) either the central government or the municipality could be the lead applicant, with the possible inclusion of the other entity as a major partner in the application form. In your case, since the launch and implementation has been carried out by the municipality, they are also likely to be better placed to expand or scale up the initiative, so they should apply.

  8. Our initiative started in March 2012 – by the deadline of application, 15.February 2013, it will be nearly 12 months running. Can we apply?
    Given the rules of the contest, which require initiatives to have been running for one full year, you are not eligible to compete in this contest.

  9. Can we submit more than one application, or just a single application?
    You can submit only one initiative per category. You can apply to any of the three categories with one initiative, provided it is not with the same initiative.

  10. I am trying to download the templates for Part B of the application but I download a .zip file which is empty cannot to be opened. How can I get these templates?
    The template section is in fact not necessary for the application (the templates do not apply because of the large variety of documents we receive from all the EU Member States). Below the section of the screen where you see “template” there are five slots in which to upload supporting documents (Proof 1, Proof 2 etc.) following the recommendations on page 6 of the Guide for applicants:

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