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Consultation on the pilot European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing - Stakeholder event of 26 November 2010

The event was a first occasion for stakeholders to put forward their views and, most importantly their ideas, on the pilot European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing.


It gathered more than 150 stakeholders from along the entire innovation chain, including public authorities, patients and senior citizens' organisations, health professionals associations, industry and other organisations active in aged related issues, who exchanged views on the need for the Partnership, possible areas where the Partnership could have an impact, what it could achieve and how.

Mrs Neelie Kroes, the Vice President of the European Commission and Commissioner for the Digital Agenda and Mr John Dalli, Commissioner for Health and Consumers, as well as Mrs Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science honoured the Conference with their presence and keynote addresses.

Mrs Paola Testori Coggi, Director-General for Health and Consumers, and Mr Robert Madelin, Director-General for Information Society and Media, moderated the discussions during morning and afternoon sessions.

The Conference announced the opening of the public online consultation on the EIP on Active and Healthy Ageing, available until 28 January 2011.

Download the report of the event  PDF icon 161 KB

Speeches and presentations by the European Commission

The event was opened by:

Commissioner Mr JOHN DALLI (Health and Consumer Affairs)  PDF icon

Commissioner Mrs NEELIE KROES (Digital Agenda)  PDF icon

The afternoon session included an intervention by:

Commissioner Mrs MAIRE GEOGHEGAN-QUINN (Research, Innovation and Science)  PDF icon 73 KB

Case study presentations

The purpose of the case study session was to put meaning to the concept of the Partnership by presenting real life examples from stakeholders on their collaborative (public-private partnership alike) work in the area of active and healthy ageing, where innovation can make a difference.



Mr MIKE BIDDLE - Programme Manager in the UK Technology Strategy Board for the Assisted Living Innovation Platform (ALIP) – also presenting on behalf of the UK's Whole System Demonstrator

PowerPoint  [PPS] 3.2 MB or PDF  PDF icon 1.3 MB

Case: the ALIP platform to promote innovation in solutions for independent living of the ageing population and the UK's Whole System Demonstrator gathering evidence on the integration of health and social care supported by digital technology.

Summary of presentation by the speaker: The Assisted Living Innovation Platform is a £50m investment over five years by the Technology Strategy Board in the UK. The presentation provided some summary information about the Whole System Demonstrators, which explores the exciting possibilities opened up by truly integrated health and social care working supported by advanced assistive technologies such as telehealth and telecare. This Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) has over 6000 users. More information.



Mr FAUSTO FELLI – President of Equity in Health Institute, Italy, and Member of Health Experts Group AGE Platform Europe

PowerPoint  [PPS] 1.5 MB or PDF  PDF icon 346 KB

Case: modernisation of health care systems towards more integrated innovative care in response to the challenge of ageing population

Summary of presentation by the speaker: The Equity in Health Institute in Italy invests in the culture of interactions of health authorities together with school and municipal authorities, trades and associations and GPs so that bottom up planning and health promotion is ensured on a large scale capacity building. Numerous work in Europe has been done to insert health in the political and institutional agenda since 2000 and now is the moment to stop the cooking of concepts and start with the hard work of implementation. It is not the time to produce coloured tropical fishes, but the time of working together to save the sea. Health promotion on a large scale that is fully represented in the budget is the lacking ocean to people, institutions, enterprises and research.



Mr PETER RAEYMAEKERS – Advisor Flanders’ Care, Cabinet of Jo Vandeurzen, Flemish Minister of Welfare, Public Health and Family Affairs, Belgium

PowerPoint  [PPS] 688 KB or PDF  PDF icon 1.1 MB

Case: Flanders' Care initiative aimed at measurably improving the quality of care in Flanders, Belgium, through innovation and responsible entrepreneurship.

Summary of presentation by the speaker: Flanders’ Care is an example of a regional policy initiative supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in care, adopting the Innovation Partnerships principles. It brings together stakeholders from the care sector, industry and research in order to develop consistent innovation strategies and to allow for efficient policy development. Maximum use is made of existing policy instruments by promoting collaboration and finding synergies between the relevant administrations. This approach results in measures targeted at the region wide implementation of new solutions in the care sector, thereby both addressing the demographic challenges and creating economic opportunities to reinforce Flanders’ industrial base.



Mr THOMAS BØRNER - Chairman, ABT Fund, Danish Ministry of Finance

PowerPoint  [PPS] 162 KB or PDF  PDF icon 66 KB

Case: the Danish PWT (Public Welfare Technology) Foundation – strategic investments in Public Welfare Technology

Summary of presentation by the speaker: In order to cope with the demographic challenge and strained resources in the public sector the Danish government has allocated 400 million Euro to a funding program from 2009 -16, which aims at intensifying the use of technology in the public sector. The programme is set up as a foundation: the PWT Foundation-Investments in Public Welfare Technology.

The PWT Foundation can fund and co-fund local and national projects in all areas that enable public services to meet increasing demands with fewer resources. The main focus has been on solutions in health and care sectors, particularly telemedicine, tele-care and tele-rehabilitation, as well as solutions that combine ICT and assistive technology. With the Foundation we gather the best new ideas and projects, support and fund cross-sector solutions, evaluate them and communicate key learning points to all involved partners, and we can coordinate and facilitate sharing of knowledge between different initiatives. With these activities we promote efficiency, productivity and innovation in the Danish public sector.

To mainstream good pilot projects one has to document best practice and to demonstrate the impact of the new innovative solution against current practice. Throughout the pilot phase the projects are therefore monitored closely with a focus on documenting a labour-saving potential, efficiency and service improvements. And when a project has proved a positive business case concerning productivity and service improvement, the PWT Foundation can try to mainstream the use of the technological solution in other institutions.

Stakeholder panel presentations



Dr. J.W. Hans Hofstraat - Head Public-Private Partnerships Healthcare, Vice President, Philips Research

PDF  PDF icon 387 KB

John G. F. Cleland – Professor, Cardio-Vascular-Respiratory Division, Castle Hill Hospital, Postgraduate Medical Institute, University of Hull; Representative of the European Society of Cardiology)

PowerPoint  [PPS] 461 KB or PDF  PDF icon 1.0 MB