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European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing

4th Conference of Partners: "Accelerating market uptake of innovation for active and healthy ageing across Europe "

9-10 December 2015, Brussels

G´┐Żnther Oettinger with representatives of the Reference SitesThe 2015 Conference of Partners of the European Innovation Partnership on Active & Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA) was held in Brussels on the 9th (from 15:00 CET) and 10th December 2015 (all day).
This year's Conference of Partners was dedicated to the theme Accelerating market uptake of innovation for active and healthy ageing across Europe.

Günther Oettinger, European Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society, gave the Keynote Speech  PDF icon 190 KB .

The Conference was the opportunity to showcase the work conducted by EIP on AHA Action Groups over the period 2012-2015.
The six Action Groups produced State-of-play publications highlighting the achievements of their groups both at individual and collective level, key messages to be taken home and lessons for the future. The publications present both the Action Groups in their ways of working as well as the tangible results in this first phase of implementation of the EIP on AHA for the Action Groups on adherence to medical plans  PDF icon 1.2 MB , falls prevention  PDF icon 4.4 MB , frailty and functional decline  PDF icon 1.8 MB , integrated care systems  PDF icon 1.3 MB , ICT solutions for independent living  PDF icon 1.1 MB and age-friendly environments  PDF icon 1.2 MB .
Additionally, the A3 Action Group presented the decalogue on frailty prevention  PDF icon 2.8 MB which constitutes a milestone of the group in the attempt to raise awareness on stressing the importance of frailty prevention.

The Conference of Partners was also the occasion to generate an open discussion about the future vision for the Partnership. In that respect, the Reference Sites Collaborative Network has elaborated a proposal  PDF icon 615 KB to inform the next Call for Reference Sites.
The new call for Reference Sites, along with the new call for Commitments, will be launched and implemented in 2016. These Calls will align the Partnership activities with the ambitions to scale up innovation for active and healthy ageing across Europe, and support the economic growth and jobs dimension of the Silver Economy.

To strengthen the Partnership it was also agreed to introduce a Governance Model that will ensure focus on the targets and seek strategic alignment and synergies with other organisation with similar targets or working jointly on horizontal initiatives such as the Monitoring and Assessment Framework (MAFEIP).

A report of the event will be published shortly, meanwhile presentations done at the event are available from the agenda page.



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