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European Scaling-up Strategy in Active and Healthy Ageing (December 2014)

The EIP on AHA scaling-up ambition can be defined as follows: To mobilise sufficient resources and expertise, which, combined with the collection of good practices and Reference Sites experiences, will ensure implementation of innovative solutions for active and healthy ageing on a European scale.
The Scaling-Up Strategy  PDF icon 184 KB constitutes another step in the development of the EIP on AHA. However, this Strategy is not limited to the partners of the EIP on AHA itself, and is thus open to engagement of actors outside the EIP on AHA with the common aim of scaling up relevant good practices in the area of active and healthy ageing.

Action Groups

In December 2015, at the annual Conference of Partners, the six Action Groups produced State-of-play publications highlighting the achievements of their groups both at individual and collective level, key messages to be taken home and lessons for the future. The publications present both the Action Groups in their ways of working as well as the tangible results in this first phase of implementation of the EIP on AHA for the Action Groups on

Additionally, the A3 Action Group presented the decalogue on frailty prevention  PDF icon 2.8 MB which constitutes a milestone of the group in the attempt to raise awareness on stressing the importance of frailty prevention.

Reference sites

Independent evaluation of European Innovation Partnerships (February 2014)

The report (PDF icon 1.1 MB) was carried out by an independent expert group under the chairmanship of Esko Aho, the former Prime Minister of Finland. It provides recommendations on improvements in the current EIPs and conditions for further EIPs. The main conclusion of the group is that EIP is the right approach to help enable future European economic growth and welfare, and that there is a need to strengthen the approach by securing committed high-level political leadership and effective governance. The recommendations of the report outline how the group considers that this could be achieved.
The Commission is now reflecting on these recommendations and discussing the findings with EIP stakeholders.

Policy documents