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European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing

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From Plan to Action

3 April 2012, Brussels

Contributions submitted by the delegates to the conference

The information provided here originates from participants to the Conference of 3 April and is the sole responsibility of the contributors. It in no way can be taken to engage the European Commission or reflect endorsement.

In order to submit contributions to the European Innovation Partnership please go to How can you participate in the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing?. For more information on parties interested in the Innovation Partnership please go to the marketplace.

Ideas for contributions to the actions of the Strategic Implementation Plan

Information Infrastructure Challenges - University of Edinburgh (PDF icon 310 KB)

Create falls and fractures clinics - Hospital Universitario de Getafe  (PDF icon 142 KB)

A functional capacity evaluation tool - Standing Committee of European Doctors  (PDF icon 482 KB)

TNO - Netherlands' Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (PDF icon 206 KB)

Fall Prevention programmes for elderly patients with fractures (PDF icon 372 KB)

European Centre for Health Assets and Architecture (PDF icon 86 KB)

Toward a Comprehensive Diabetes Care Model for Older People - Hospital Universitario de Getafe (PDF icon 312 KB)

Saxon State Ministry of Social Affairs and Consumer Protection - Germany (PDF icon)

Implementing large scale eHealth solutions in European mountain areas - ADEBAG (PDF icon 657 KB)

Application of state-of-the-art green technology for the development of high added value anti-ageing compounds based on the Greek flora (PDF icon 3.1 MB)

Supporting day/night rhythm of the elderly with improved lighting - European Lamp Companies Federation  (PDF icon 330 KB)

Center for Studying and Testing Innovative Solutions for Active Aging and Health (PDF icon 130 KB)
Association of Retired University Teachers, ARUT, Romania (PDF icon 197 KB)

Prevention of Physical Frailty - SANOFI (PDF icon 115 KB)

Organisations and their Capacities

Healthy Life Extension Society (PDF icon 116 KB)

UMC Utrecht 3.0 (PDF icon 977 KB)

Norwegian Research Center on Health Promotion and Resources (PDF icon 1.0 MB)

Healthy Ageing Network Northern Netherlands (PDF icon 362 KB)

Swedish Institute of Assistive Technology (PDF icon 85 KB)

Foundation for Development of Science and Technology in Extremadura, Spain (PDF icon 552 KB)

New Tools for Health - Sweden (PDF icon 2.0 MB)

NovaMedTech - Sweden (PDF icon 329 KB)

PLiCaLab : Living and Care Lab (Turnhout, Belgium) (PDF icon 773 KB)

Planning and Scheduling Technology Laboratory - National Research Council of Italy (PDF icon 529 KB)

Association VIDA. Intergenerational Valorisation and Active Development, Portugal (PDF icon 2.2 MB)

Galicia: Innovation in Healthcare (PDF icon 667 KB)

NCSR 'Demokritos' (PDF icon 632 KB)

Smith&Nephew (PDF icon 421 KB)

IWalker (PDF icon 253 KB)

Democenter-Sipe (PDF icon 320 KB)

Consoft Sistemi Group - Autonomy in Domicile Assistance and Monitoring (PDF icon 179 KB)

European Wound Management Association (PDF icon 570 KB)

Value added services of pharmaceutical fullline wholesalers (PDF icon 845 KB)

HAARP Project - Healthy Active Ageing through Resilience & Positive resources (PDF icon 1.4 MB)

Existing Initiatives and Projects

COURAGE project - Collaborative Research on Ageing in Europe (PDF icon 811 KB)

Puglia region and AAL activities (PDF icon 81 KB)

Puglia region: EMPATHY - Empowering Patients for Health sustainabilitY (PDF icon 85 KB)
Puglia region: EMPATHY - Empowering Patients for Health sustainabilitY - Powerpoint presentation (PDF icon 233 KB)
Puglia region: EMPATHY - Empowering Patients for Health sustainabilitY - introduction to Powerpoint presentation (PDF icon)

Farseeing project - FAll Repository for the design of Smart and sElf-adaptive Environments prolonging INdependent livinG (PDF icon 337 KB)

Momentum project - European Momentum for Mainstreaming Telemedicine Deployment in Daily Practice (PDF icon 334 KB)

Renewing Health project (PDF icon 751 KB)

Renewing Health project - Remote Monitoring Of Implantable Defibrillators And Pacemaker In Veneto Region (PDF icon 156 KB)

Renewing Health project - Remote Monitoring Of Chronic Heart Failure In Veneto Region (PDF icon 166 KB)

Strategies for promoting active and healthy ageing in Andalusia - Andalusian School of Public Health (PDF icon 777 KB)

VayaV Virtually Young again, communities in real life with physical and virtual meeting places (PDF icon 109 KB)

Other Contributions

Professor Vivian R. F. Linssen D.I., Founding Director and CEO of the International Multidisciplinary Neuroscience Research Center (IMNRC) and Principal Coordinator of the NewPOL Network, Flanders, Belgium (PDF icon 50 KB)