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The 2016 Call for Commitments of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing is now closed!

The Call closed on Friday 15th April (at midnight), over 850 commitments from 28 Member States (and beyond) were received.

What Next?

The European Commission will now work with the Action Group coordination teams to develop the initial analysis of the commitments submitted.
They will be an important component to inform the creation of the "shared vision" on digital innovation for an ageing society that Commissioner Oettinger launched in December 2015. And this in turn will help inform the support structures that the European Commission and its partners must implement to ensure that the Action Groups deliver on their goals for 2018.
This analysis should be completed by end of June and each organisation responsible for a commitment will then be integrated into the activities of the relevant Action Groups.

The first call closed in April but a new call be open later in the year.  Please read the details of the 1st call.

Are you a leader in innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing?
Join us in the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA) and help us transform the future of our ageing society.

You can benefit from the largest European network of organisations active in the promotion, development and deployment of active and healthy ageing innovation. Access an extensive "evidence-base" of innovative practices for active and healthy ageing, get the latest information about European, national and regional initiatives, and discover the right partners that can help you succeed in developing new projects and scaling up innovation for active and healthy ageing.

What is the Call for Commitments of the EIP on AHA?

Every three years, the EIP on AHA opens a new "Call for Commitments" inviting organisations from all over the world, involved in developing, promoting or deploying innovative solutions for active and healthy ageing, to come forward with projects and initiatives that they will implement in the coming 3 years. The commitments are organised within action groups and must be in line with the overall priorities of the EIP on AHA.

Are there any fees required to take part?

Becoming a partner of the EIP on AHA is not subject to any fees or financial contribution. All work carried out by the partners of the EIP on AHA is purely on a voluntary basis. The EIP on AHA is supported by the European Commission and the only contribution that partners are expected to make is to main a positive and active contribution to the work of the EIP on AHA Action groups and activities.

What's the added value of being a partner of the EIP on AHA?

Partners are driven by their willingness to collaborate with other organisations that share complementary expertise or that have gone through similar projects, therefore avoiding the "reinvention of the wheel". The active participation in the work of the action groups of the EIP on AHA is a way of interacting and having access to organisations who share similar goals and access some of the leading international experts in the field.