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4th Conference of Partners of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing

"Accelerating market uptake of innovation for active and healthy ageing across Europe "

9-10 December 2015, Brussels

Presentations done at the event are available under the respective sessions for Day 2 (on Day 1 panel discussions took place , no presentation was given).


Day 1 - Wednesday 9th December 2015 - European Parliament, Brussels


Opening Statements

Introductory Remarks by:
- Chairman and Host Michal Boni MEP
- Xavier Prats Monné, Director-General, Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety, European Commission

Panel 1 – Deploying innovation in Active & Healthy Ageing
Regional and Local Authorities in action to accelerate the provision of benefits to people and economy

Panel Discussion:
- Simon Hamilton, MLA, Minister for Health, Social Services, and Public Safety, Northern Ireland, UK
Ana Abrunhosa, President of Development Commission CCDRC, Regiao Centro, Portugal
Mark Drakeford, Minister for Health and Social Services, Wales, United Kingdom
Juha Metso, Deputy Mayor for Social and Health Services, City of Espoo, Finland
Loredana Panariti, Minister for Research and Innovation of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Italy

Keynote Speech  PDF icon 190 KB : Günther Oettinger, European Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society
Official Opening of the Conference of Partners

Panel 2 - Is the supply chain of AHA Innovation ready to scale-up?
European organisations united to support Scaling Up of innovation for active and healthy ageing and seizing the Silver Economy opportunity

Panel Discussion:
- Nadia Frontigny, Vice President of Care Management, Orange Healthcare
- Diego Harari, Director Sustainability & Innovation, Vinci Immobilier
- Véronique Lessens, Global head of Strategy, Business Development and Market Intelligence, Agfa HealthCare
- Jean-Pierre Kempeneers, Head of the Royal Philips European Affairs Office
- Rafael De Andres Medina, President of the Active and Assisted Living Association
- Brian O'Connor, European Connected Health Alliance

Closing remarks

- Michal Boni MEP
- Ruxandra Draghia-Akli, Director, DG RTD, European Commission
- Paul Timmers, Director, DG CONNECT, European Commission


Day 2 - Thursday 10th December, Sheraton Brussels Hotel, place Rogier, Brussels

Registration and welcome coffee

Plenary Session – Partnership Achievements
Looking back at what the Partnership has achieved. How it has influenced policy agendas, generated economic growth opportunities, and supported the quality of care to millions of citizens across the EU.

Topics include:
- Welcome by the European Commission
- Presentation of the Action Group Achievements:
          - Giuseppe Fico: Action Group A1  PDF icon 745 KB
          - Nick Guldemond Action Group A2  PDF icon 1.6 MB
          - Antonio Cano Action Group A3  PDF icon 1.8 MB
          - Esteban de Manuel Keenoy Action Group B3  PDF icon 620 KB
          - Antonio Kung Action Group C2  PDF icon 162 KB
          - Willeke van Staalduinen Action Group D4  PDF icon 322 KB
- Overview of Tools Delivered by the Partnership, including the new EIP on AHA Portal and Repository, José Usero, PROEIPAHA

Plenary Session – Partnership Vision and Next Steps
The session aimed at defining the strategic priorities for the coming years, learn more about the new tools and instruments that can support the partners, and understand how the Partnership can benefit from synergies with different (new) EU initiatives.

Topics include:
- New Action Group Priorities (2016-2018):
         - Przemyslaw Kardas: Action Group A1  PDF icon 180 KB
         - Nick Guldemond Action Group A2  PDF icon 1.2 MB
         - Miriam Vollenbroek Action Group A3  PDF icon 665 KB
         - Donna Henderson Action Group B3  PDF icon 832 KB
         - Gottfried Zimmermann Action Group C2  PDF icon 607 KB
         - Anne-Sophie Parent Action Group D4  PDF icon 167 KB
- Report on Synergies identified amongst Action Groups  PDF icon 947 KB , Jean Bousquet (Action Group B3)
- New Call for Reference Sites and New Call for Commitments, Ilias Iakovidis, DG CONNECT, and Jorge Pinto Antunes, DG SANTE, European Commission
- EIT-KIC Health and Ageing and the Partnership  PDF icon 2.0 MB , Sylvie Bove, CEO of EIT-KIC Health and Active Ageing
- Presentation on the agenda of the forthcoming Dutch Presidency of the EU and the relevance for the EIP on AHA, Edwin Maarseveen, Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports
- The role of the EIB in supporting scaling up of innovation for active and healthy ageing  PDF icon 685 KB , Harald Gruber, European Investment Bank

Sandwich lunch
Parallel workshops
Regional workshops


The Regional Dimension of Deploying Active and Healthy Ageing Innovation
Preparation of the New Call for Reference Sites (2016)

The Reference Sites play a determinant role in the process of delivering and scaling up innovation in active and healthy ageing.
This workshop discussed the renewed focus of the Reference Sites in delivery of large scale deployment of innovation and on measurable economic growth outcomes.
The Reference Sites Collaborative Network  presented a proposal  PDF icon 615 KB for the new criteria that will underpin a new Call for Reference Sites in 2016 and the European Commission outlined the links between the 2016 Call for Reference Sites and Regional Funds.

- John Farrell, Presentation by the Reference Sites Collaborative Network  PDF icon 275 KB , with other Reference Sites task force members
- Andor Urmos, DG REGIO, European Commission

Chairs: Bruno De Oliveira Alves, DG CONNECT and Loukianos Gatzoulis, DG SANTE, European Commission

Demographic Change: the Economic Opportunity, from local to global
Debate on the EU Silver Economy Strategy 2016-2018 and global initiatives (OECD, G7)

This session aimed to reinforce the economic growth and jobs dimension described in the Silver Economy Strategy within the EIP-AHA's strategic activities.
It introduced Silver Economy opportunities, identifying synergies, with existing and future activities of the Partnership. This was illustrated by practice cases of industry approaches to the triple win.
Participants then jointly explored links to action plans and commitments, global perspectives, synergies with other ongoing and upcoming initiatives and adequate metrics to measure effects on jobs and growth.

- Keith Baker, Philips
- Alexander Peine, Utrecht University

Chairs: Peter Wintlev-Jensen, DG CONNECT, and Jorge Pinto Antunes, DG SANTE, European Commission

Table hosts: Andrea Pavlickova (Action Group B3), Alexander Peine (Utrecht University), Mireia Ferri Sanz (Action Group D4)
Regional session 1: Helsinki Uusimaa region

In this session, Helsinki-Uusimaa Capital Region shared its key initiatives to support Active and Healthy Ageing in the framework of its Smart Specialisation Strategies (RIS3) and sought European partnerships for its implementation. By bringing the public sector and health needs of its people to the key players, such as research institutions, cooperates and startups, public sector and end user, this showcased an ecosystem where actors (Health Capital Helsinki and HealthSPA) work toward the acceleration of silver economy.

- Kaisa Ainala, Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council Helsinki SMART region  PDF icon 445 KB
- Tuija Hirvikoski, ENoll, European Network of Living Labs and Laurea University of Applied Sciences From Research to Human Tech Solutions and Market Uptake  PDF icon 2.5 MB
- Kenneth Salonius, HealthSPA and Vertical Accelerator, Finland from disruptive innovation to silver economy  PDF icon 1.6 MB

Chair: Ilias Iakovidis, DG CONNECT, European Commission
Facilitator: Christine Chang, Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council
Coffee break
Coffee break
2nd floor foyer
Regional session 2: Scaling Up Innovation Across Europe. Northern Ireland’s experience in Medicines Optimisation

This session 1) Shared the experience of Northern Ireland in upscaling innovative practice in medicines optimisation in the EU. 2) Described Northern Ireland’s strategic vision for driving innovation and change through its Medicines Optimisation Quality Framework and Innovation Centre (MOIC). 3) Sought new European partners for good practice exchange and upscaling.

Presentation  PDF icon 3.0 MB by:
- Mike Scott, Northern Health and Social Care Trust, Northern Ireland
- Cathy Harrison, Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety, Northern Ireland

See also:

- Medicines Optimisation in Northern Ireland: the STEPSelect method  PDF icon 239 KB
- LAMPS: Live Automated Microbiology Pharmacy Surveillance System  PDF icon 1.5 MB
- Writemed: Electronic Medication Reconciliation System  PDF icon 301 KB
- Hosting programmes at the Medicines Optimisation Innovation Centre  PDF icon 271 KB



Delivering Market-Uptake on Active and Healthy Ageing Innovation
Debate on the New Call for Commitments (2016-2018) and alignment with Strategic Priorities of the Partnership

This workshop discussed the renewal of commitments of the Action Groups, particularly aligning commitments with scaling up innovation and the economic growth and jobs dimension.
The PROEIPAHA presented an overview  PDF icon 1.1 MB of the last 3 years commitments to inform discussion on the preparation of a new Call for Commitments 2016-2018.
The Session also identified a set of recommendations for better tracking commitments and capture results, or how to recognise (and incentivize) those partners who make significant contributions to the attainment of the Partnership's goals.

- Alessandro Monaco (Action Group A1)
- Nick Guldemond (Action Group A2)
- Cristina Bescos (Action Group B3)
- Antonio Kung (Action Group C2)
- Mireia Ferri Sanz (Action Group D4)
- Roberto Zuffada, PROEIPAHA, Overview  PDF icon 1.1 MB

Chairs: Bruno De Oliveira Alves, DG CONNECT, and Angela Bolufer de Gea, DG SANTE, European Commission
Working together in Partnership to Maximise and Measure Impact
Reviewing the EIP Scaling Up Strategy (Update and Plans for 2016-2018)

The aim of the workshop aimed to define solid and agreed Scaling-up strategy and ensuring long-term sustainability and monitoring of EIP initiatives for the next 2 years

- Christian Boehler, Joint Research Centre of the European Commission
- Andor Urmos, DG REGIO, European Commission
- Peter Wintlev-Jensen, DG CONNECT, European Commission
- Andrea Pavlickova (Action Group B3): Catalyst to Foster Scaling-up  PDF icon 1.2 MB
- Mike Scott, Medicines Optimisation Innovation Centre, Northern Ireland: Medicines Optimisation in Northern Irelan  PDF icon 1.5 MB
- Esteban de Manuel Keenoy, Kronikgune, the Basque Country
- John Farrell, Reference Sites Collaborative Network

Chairs: Arnaud Senn, DG CONNECT, and Loukianos Gatzoulis, DG SANTE, European Commission
Regional session 3: Ageing@Coimbra

This workshop introduced Ageing@Coimbra as a model for EIP-AHA Reference Sites based on knowledge innovation communities.
The introductory module highlighted the holistic regional network of partners and the synergies with the regional administration, health and social care authorities, fuelled by the regional Smart Specialization Strategy and structural funds. The coherence of the regional priority focused on active and healthy ageing was introduced by two regional flagship projects: 1- EIT Health InnoSTARS Knowledge Innovation Community, fostering knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship at regional and European level; 2- Widespread-Teaming to build a new Excellence Research Institute on Ageing and Ageing@Coimbra Vitality Campus.

- João Malva, University of Coimbra AgeingatCoimbra Network  PDF icon 1.5 MB
- António Cunha, Instituto Pedro Nunes
     - Coimbra Vitality Campus  PDF icon 1.3 MB
     - EIT Health InnoStars introduction  PDF icon 1.3 MB
- Mikolaj Gurdala, Lodz University, Poland The Lodz Knowledge triangle  PDF icon 1.7 MB
- Govert Buijs, University Medical Center Gronigen, Netherlands Healthy Ageing Campus  PDF icon 1.2 MB

Moderator: João Malva, University of Coimbra

Closing of the Conference of Partners