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Action Group A2: Falls prevention


Our specific goals are the following:

1. Implement an integrated and person-centred service pathway for fall prevention and management, including:
- a repository of falls prevention/management programmes and care pathways.
- a toolkit for implementing tools and technologies for monitoring, screening and assessment, and for decision making support, protocols and workflows.
- an overview of ICT solutions, devices and technologies for different settings and discovery report on the future falls prevention technologies.
2. Data and evidence, including:
- a report on current approaches to collect data on falls, outlining best practices and recommendations.
- the specification of a minimum falls dataset.
3. Awareness, information and education, including:
- a dedicated website, an awareness campaign across the EU and a network of research and educational organisations dedicated to falls prevention and management.
- an inventory of successful public health and social marketing strategies and evidence based training models and tools.
- an education package to support the training of the workforce.
4. Governance: innovation, sustainability and scaling-up, including:
- assessment models for governance.
- an innovation platform and market place for fall prevention services and products.

(p.m. the Action Plan  PDF icon 1.2 MB and the summary of the commitments  PDF icon 881 KB )


Preliminary achievements

To reach the key objectives of the Group, the partners have launched a series of initiatives, making their experience available for consultation to other organizations and raising awareness on this topic. They are building blocks for a framework for falls prevention.

The Action Group collected and shared different approaches, expertise and good practices that will be disseminated for possible replication throughout Europe, and that constitute the basis of a framework for tailored (local) implementation.

In order to facilitate information sharing and data collection for policy and decision-making on European, national and regional level, a minimum falls dataset is in progress, which allows stratifying and predicting the risk of falls. This will support evidence based interventions to prevent the occurrence and management of falls.

The Group is also actively communicating around the topic (via publications, press statements and a website, established by the Thematic Networks E-NO-FALLS and ProFouND.