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European Summit on Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing


Below is a mere overview, please accesss the agenda page for times and details.


Programme overview

4 Thematic Debates: Ageing as an agent of change


3 Workshops: Investment that supports Innovation

(Finance meets ICT Innovators in Active and Healthy Ageing)

Experts in innovation for ageing well and finance meet to analyze needs and shared objectives and raise awareness of opportunities for both the innovation and investment community, to stimulate demand for ICT products in active and healthy ageing.


4 Knowledge Sharing Sessions: Learning by doing

(Capacity-building and experience sharing for scaling up)

Identified leaders in the fields of active and healthy ageing share their knowledge. Knowledge sharing sessions are designed to drive cross-fertilization and scaling up of tested initiatives.


10 "Sandpits": Break out to break through

(Creating disruptions and breakthroughs)

"Sandpits" are 1 hour interactive workshops, with the participation of a team of experts and a highly multidisciplinary mix of independent stakeholders; researchers, businesses, government officials and potential users or beneficiaries. Divided over 5 streams, the sessions aim to drive lateral thinking and radical approaches to identify short-term opportunities and address longer-term challenges.

Economic Growth: The future of Age-Friendly Homes, Cities and Communities;   Silver-tourism as an opportunity for growth and jobs.

Investment: Attracting Private Equity and Public Investment into Active and Healthy Ageing innovation; Crowd funding and Social Impact Investment

Health and Care: Innovation for integrated care: Going beyond Technology; The future of the Community Pharmacist and new models of adherence to treatment; Health Workforce; Nutrition and Prevention of Frailty.

Technology: From Idea to Market: large scale innovation deployment; The great global race for tech innovation –developing a European competitive edge in active and healthy ageing .

Social Impact: How to empower elderly people through ICT solutions; How to better capture social impact and meet the needs of all parties.